Dobrodosli u Beograd (Belgrade Pt1) – Football Abroad

So, did we go to Serbia for four days? Did we drink a shed load of beers? Did we tour three of the biggest clubs in the Jelen Super Liga? Did we see a game of football? Did we all get out alive? We might have! By the way, the ‘all getting out alive’ bit […]

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Rockin all Dover the World

Time check: 1655, in a mad panic I rush down the office stairs and head into the gents to change from my work clobber into my football wear for tonight’s game. With time not on my side, I coat myself in the poor mans quick shower spray, a.k.a Lynx Deodrant, grab my gear and hit […]

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Monday Night Fever

AHOY! El Capitan Juan here again… With the season drawing near to a close, with just two league games left to play, let’s rewind the clock and go back in time for a look at the away fixture Vs Concordia Rangers! Back in August 2013, the early stages of the season. The Gandermonium Crew took […]

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The Coach That Came in from the Cold

A later start on Saturday morning for the fans travelling via the Coaches put on by the Board for the trip down to Dorchester. Myself being somewhat of an eager beaver when it comes to Saturday mornings, my internal alarm clock decided to wake me up at the crack of dawn. Which wasn’t such a […]

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The Long Good Tuesday.

It’s been a fair while since I’ve written up one of these match report, type things. So yep you’re stuck with me for this one! A little inspiration required… “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” -Sir Winston Churchill. A quick call in to Duke this fine evening, […]

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The youth of today

…are the future of tomorrow! It’s been a while since I’ve scribbled down some notes about a game of football, and all the other shenanigans that go with it, well mainly drunk stories to be honest.  I thought it best to pull my finger out, and get myself back on here, and put together some […]

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A little shuffle of the deck…

Well, there have been some recent changes to personal in the last few weeks, days ,hours minutes. For those locked down to the official site and forum will have seen the updates! So over the last few weeks we first released Dean McDonald, shortly followed by our skipper and then Rivs, shortly followed by Sam […]

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Parental advisory required: This post lacks alcohol….

Good evening religious readers of Gandermonium. For those hardcore readers, you will have no doubt noticed that our Editor in Chief gave you a fine write up of the thrashing of Carshalton some ten years ago. The thrashing even spawned a t-shirt! It’s not often that will happen in history I can tell you. So […]

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Clear and Present Danger

The Resurrection of Juan. After a bit of a break from doing the write ups for various reasons on Gandermonium, for two reasons mainly. The shackles of love holding me down, and the lack of permission slips from she who must be obeyed! That’s right I’m back for more…more pain, pleasure, football, and shit! So […]

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