Cones, Beer, Trollies & Crap Football – One from the archives

Well, this is fun. We start the site up just in time for some typically seasonal weather to leave us sat twiddling our thumbs without any football to talk cack about. The pitch inspection at Maidenhead this evening……probably. So, there’s nothing else for it. I’ll have to break out one of the myriad of old […]

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Can You Hear a Robin Sing?

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL Sutton United – 3    [Akrour 25, Harlow 44, S.Watson 80] Carshalton – 0 Played @ Metropolitan Police FC The answer to the title is of course a resounding ‘No’, just in case you were wondering. You weren’t? Oh ok then. So, Sutton swept to their 3rd Surrey Senior Cup Final […]

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Who Cares? We’re Up!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att : 1381 Sutton United – 1  [Ekoku  44] Basingstoke Town – 2  [Xavier [28] [35] So, it’s finally all over. Sutton promoted back to the Conference after an 8 year absence and Carshalton staring relegation in the face for the second season running. What a bloody long season it’s been. I […]

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Is This Really Enfield?

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att : 511 Enfield – 1  [Some Bloke 45] Sutton United – 1  [M.Watson 35] As the title suggests, this was a somewhat strange visit to our long time buddies in North London. Normally a visit to Southbury Road involves a fierce battle for supremacy on the pitch with our boys copping […]

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Hungover Much?

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION  |  Att : 585 Walton & Hersham – 0    Sutton United – 2 [Arkour [76] [85] Oh God, what a week. After the frustration of Tuesday, then to euphoria of Thursday, this particular little encounter was always going to be somewhat laboured! And so it proved to be. If the players had put […]

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RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 1500 Sutton United – 5  [Skelly 8], Harlow, Riley, M.Watson, S.Watson Aldershot Town – 0 After Tuesday’s PP, we were obviously keen to get this league title stuff done and dusted ASAP. And so it seems were Aldershot for some reason, who kindly agreed to move the game 48hrs back to the […]

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Ranting & Raven…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION  |  Att : 1137 Sutton United – 2  [S.Watson 9], [M.Watson 63]   Bromley – 0 So, it’s time our ever wonderful old ‘friends’ from Hayes Lane popped by to deliver another feast of their dull as fuck football, with a smidgin of sickening brutality chucked into the mix for good measure. I admit I […]

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Lord Mayor’s Show

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION  |  Att : 833 Sutton United – 1  [Winston 39]  Gravesend & Northfleet – 1  [Powell 85] Two things you don’t generally get in April. Firstly, the mighty U’s sitting top of the league table and secondly that it shouldn’t be this fucking COLD! Seriously, the world’s gone mad. Rain we expect at this time […]

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We Only Need 10 Men…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 2200 Aylesbury United – 1     [Rutherford 59] Sutton United – 4     [Akrour 11, 76, 84. OG 25] See that? Yes that bright shining light. There, just on the horizon. What is it?? Oh wait, it’s the sun reflecting of the championship shield, that’s what it is!! Sweet. […]

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Revenge Is Oh So Sweet

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 1800 Sutton United – 3    [Winston 21, Harford 47, Akrour  67] BOBBINS!! – 0 GET IN THERE!! Cop that you scummy common garden birdie filth. Why don’t you migrate to the warmer and friendlier climes of the Ryman First Division like all the other birdie based crap eh? Ahem! Sorry […]

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