Role Reversal

Well hello there! Thank you for joining us on this rather miserable Sunday whilst I stick on my big boy trousers and once more rake over the coals of another less than inspiring Sutton United effort. Now, this is doubly annoying this time out as earlier this week I stumbled upon a fun, light hearted […]

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Old Nutty Hen

When the fixtures came out, most were disappointed that one of the trips we were looking forward to the most, Bristol Rovers, had got lumped on Boxing Day. With no trains at all that day, that makes the run down there a bit of a faff from South West London to say the least. Keen […]

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Hunter Becomes the Hunted

The clocks have gone forward and it’s now dark when you get up as well as go to bed, the trees are dumping leaves all over the shop and ruddy cheeked children will soon be playing conkers the length and breadth of the nation once more. Which can mean only one thing ladies and gentlemen, […]

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Six Added Minutes

Hello dear reader. Yes, we’re back with another of our rare little non-match related interludes, where we remind you that we can in fact read the written word and don’t simply enjoy publications containing mainly images, adult in orientation or otherwise. That’s right, it’s another Gandermonium book review. And this time it’s an even rarer […]

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Stats Don’t Lie

Bloody Football Association Challenge Cup shit. It can be a right curse as well as a saviour to many a teams fortunes. For Sutton on Saturday, it was a performance that never quite matched the result and will no doubt forever be remembered as the match that “had that keeper score in injury-time”. Yeah, you […]

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Another Viral Youtube Hit

When things aren’t going quite the way you’d hope on the pitch, it seems to serve as a magnet for all sorts of other misfortune and daft incidents to rear their ugly heads and plague you, the poor unsuspecting punter’s already fragile mental state. And we at Gander Green Lane are no different. Take last […]

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Shaggy Calf Lane

Despite being Non-League sad sacks who follow our little club up and down the land to such awe inspiring locations as Barrow, Hartlepool and Solihull, even we need the occasional break. A chance to decompress and experience what some would call ‘normal’ life on a Saturday afternoon during the football season, like what those who […]

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Tuff Stuff Sluff

So the magic of the cup has once again graced us with her presence back down the Lane. And it’s always nice once in a while to get away from the weekly grime & grind of standard league football. But with our recent spate of somewhat iffy-like performances of late, this might not have been […]

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Welcome dear readers to another pointless and mildly absurd episode of your favourite Non-League football drinking blog. We hope you enjoyed our recent little European interlude as well as Totts special on the old Mitcham Stadium, which has proved to be somewhat popular and may indeed spawn a semi-regular feature on these here pages. However, […]

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