2012/13 Season Review – Part 3

“At last!” we hear you cry “It’s the final installment of the Gandermonium season review! Thank fuck for that! It’s lasted almost as long as the bloody season itself……..” Yeah, well you might complain, but there was a fair bit of this season that was worth remembering. Sadly, we’re usually far too drunk at games […]

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2012/13 Season Review – Part 2

So, in Part 1 we left our season hanging in the balance, with the U’s having taken 10 games to get their first victory and staring at the wrong end of the table. Can they improve? Who am I? What time is it? Who are you? Hang on. Why are we telling you all this […]

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2012/13 Season Review – Part 1

Ok, we admit it. We (Gandermonium) weren’t exactly around for the whole of this campaign. But the idiots responsible for it certainly were and between us we’ve seen every SUFC game this season (Dukey himself saw every single one!). So we reckon we’re more than qualified to reflect on the mild frustration and ultimately finishing […]

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A little bit of History Repeated

After reading the Editor in Chief’s write up on the Bath away game and after having to refer to the Dictionary and Thesaurus to look up the meaning of some of the flashy words that he used throughout his epic in length update, I thought to myself “How on this Earth am I supposed to […]

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Hey you, don’t watch that! Watch this!

I dunno, you just can’t get the staff these days! Having begged and pleaded and generally pestered me to bring this thing back, Juan & Dukey have I think found themselves a little surprised at the sort of time & effort you have to put in scribbling crap about even a Non-League club such as […]

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F*ck Off! We’re the The People’s Front of Judea!

Oh Hank Marvin, is wonderful, Oh Hank Marvin is wonderful! At last. I do not have to another blog on this poxy laptop! In fact I wasn’t meant to do another home blog altogether but because someone (No Names!, No Names!) failed in doing the lightest bit of manual grafting and could therefore not turn […]

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The ‘Church Cometh

It’s OK Ladies and Gents I’m not talking about Sunday School, I’m talking about our latest home fixture vs Hornchurch. Of course, we at Gandermonium are spiritual sorts and do however practise at least a couple of religions…..mostly Football and Beer, and well, when one stops, the other takes over. I guess we could be […]

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Ding Dong!

Well good afternoon my fellow brothers (and sisters!) and welcome to another excerpt of the Gandermonium boys watching the final run in of the 2012/13 season. Today’s opposition were the currently homeless Hayes & Yeading who came down the lane needing a couple more points to keep them in the division for another year. And […]

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Did you just ask for a Hooch?

Good evening boys and girls and welcome at another edition of Duke’s tired and emotional recollection of today’s trip, the penultimate away game of this season taking us across Hampshire and into the opulent surrounds of Farnborough. Many thanks for Juan for doing the SSC blog on Thursday and giving me the opportunity to just sit back […]

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Fake Twitter Account

Well after a no show from yours truly on Tuesday night for the Maidenhead game, the reins of Gandermonium were naturally handed over to me to deal with tonight’s write up for the Surrey Senior Cup Fixture against AFC Wimbledon. So with a quick few text messages sent, Duke answered my SOS call and provided […]

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