Is The Darts On??

Good day to you my friend and welcome to the third and final instalment of what might possibly our most underwhelming series of entries to date. And trust us, that’s quite something when you consider the level of absolute bollocks dribbled out onto these here pages over the many many years we’ve insisted on sharing […]

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Don’t You Open that Trapdoor

With the lads recent decision to start playing better and actually winning games, like the true flaky so and so’s we are I thought that perhaps blogging the last three matches of the League 2 season might be worth my time given that we now had a small chance of staying up. I mean, it’s […]

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By A Thread

Well, it’s been a minute eh? Over a month in fact since I engaged the fingers and bashed out some load of old rubbish for these here pages. It’s been so long in fact that the next two posts were from Dukey on his beloved Surrey Senior Cup! (1|2).Back in March, there was optimism as […]

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False Dawn

When the Tranmere date was revealed back in June, some people from this parish jumped on it immediately and went about booking hotels in towns miles outside of Liverpool for a big weekend on it. Meanwhile the rest of us just shrugged, went “It’s in fucking March. Calm down!” and got on with more immediate […]

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Last Chance Saloon

In introducing this blog, I must admit to a degree of personal responsibility for Sutton’s current desperate plight. My last contribution coincided with the high-water mark of the season when a surprise 5-1 victory against Notts County on the season’s opening day sent U’s top of the nascent League Two table. Since then, I’ve brought […]

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Bring Me Sunshine

All right sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the League 2’s! A day in the Football League is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every centre mid defensive! Every formation a 4-4-2! I love the League 2’s! Yes dear reader, I have returned once […]

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Madam Cholet’s Knickers

Boxing Day football. The highlight of the season. The jewel in the Association calendar. Right? RIGHT? Well, for some it is. But for others, those amongst the footballing fraternity where things haven’t quite panned out how they’d have liked over the first 4 months of the season, it’s a little less anticipated. Dreaded even. Especially […]

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Fade to Gray…

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Wise words and somewhat appropriate this week as following the disastrous 8-0 shellacking at Stockport at the weekend, the club sadly called time on Manager Matt Gray’s tenure with the team bottom of League 2 and boasting a run of form that has seen them win […]

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Netflix & Chill

Why am I doing this? No, I don’t mean a blog entry, although that too does generate some questions quite frankly, but I’m talking of course about going to Wrexham. Away. Midweek. With a team rock bottom of the Football League. And leaking goals at a greater rate than the Titanic’s hull permitted the Atlantic […]

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