Gandermonium Tat

Welcome to our little store. Here we’re hoping to flog various little bits of tat to raise some cash so we can buy things like more stickers to help spread the word of Sutton United and Gandermonium. Plus this is 100% guaranteed to make you look a lot cooler and more attractive to the sex of your choosing!*

*any increased attractiveness to the sex of your choice purely coincidental

Redbubble/TeePublic Stores

A lot of our designs have been turned into T-Shirts, Mugs and a couple of prints at our Redbubble store HERE. They handle all the manufacture and shipping for us, so you’ll get it nice and fast as well as in one piece. Unlike if we were doing it. We’ve also added a lot of the same designs to TeePublic HERE as they do front AND back printing on shirts. Check them out!

Our own produced tat is displayed below, we’re hoping to migrate everything over to join the stickers and badges in our own integrated store at some point!

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