Pub Map

UPDATE: The Map is still valid for Conf South teams despite our promotion & has been updated for the 16/17 season. We’re looking into doing the same for the National & North divisions too. So stay tuned.

Using our vast experience of stumbling about under the influence in many of the towns that make up this here Conference South, we have out of the goodness of our hearts produced a map showing all the pubs we’ve done in our league, along with a few we haven’t but have been told are decent thanks to the contributions of the various members of the Conf South Unofficial Forum HERE.

This is so fellow pissheads like us can maximise VDT when on the ground and also so we don’t have to actually remember where any of these places are any more for future away days. A Green pin means we’ve done it and a Red Pin means we’ve been told it’s ok, but we’ve not been in yet. Finally, a BLACK pin means we’ve either found that particular boozer has closed or someone has told us it has.

When viewed in Google maps, you can click on a pin and see the exact location of the boozer in question, usually along with opening details and the exact address (where provided!). You should also be able to favourite the map when logged into a Google account, meaning you can then view it via the Google Map app on you smartphone. Technology eh? Marvellous.

Any suggestions or omissions, please let us know with an email or give us a shout on twitter (@gandermonium).