It’s a Massacre! – 10th Anniversary Special

Well, we trust you’re all stuffed to the gills after a nice Christmas Day yesterday and are now sat resplendent in those socks and rubbish sweater you got instead of the PS4 you were secretly hoping you’d get. Well, whilst we can’t help with state of the art gaming consoles, we do have a little […]

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Bye Bye to the Ryman League! – One from the Archives

I’m bored. And you probably are too. So let’s have a little end of season action from the archives to help pass the time with a cup of tea eh?  This report harks back to more innocent times. Back when we thought that finishing top 13 in the Ryman and qualifying for the new Conference […]

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U’s Crack Rocks… – One from the Archives

Hello again dear readers! Yeah, it’s me again. Sorry about that. Sadly, the weather has once more prevented us from having a game of football at fucking Maidenhead, so you’re stuck with some load of old rubbish that had yours truly descending to the dusty basement archives at Gandermonium HQ to find. I do hope you enjoy […]

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Final Woe(king)

SURREY SENIOR CUP FINAL Att: 1100 WOKING – 2    [Foyweya 25. Ferguson 75] SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Nurse 60] Played @ Imber Court, Met Police FC Having been seriously up for this game, it’s postponement on the Tuesday was a real downer. Then waiting 48 hours to see if the weather would hold […]

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Bye Bye To The Ryman League!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 720 BASINGSTOKE TOWN – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 5  [Quinton 5.17.48p J-Nurse 28. Honey 74] So here we are again. The end of yet another season. By christ it hasn’t half gone quickly since November! Probably something to do with only picking up 3 defeats in the league between then & […]

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Mystic Nurse

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 603 SUTTON UNITED – 5      [J.Nurse 38.49.53. Hanlan 56. Boosey 75] HEYBRIDGE SWIFTS – 1    [Griffiths 66] Now, Heybridge ain’t our favourite bunch. We’ve had some some frustrating encounters over the last few years and their mainly agricultural approach to the beautiful game has won them few admirers […]

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Who Wants To Finish 2nd Anyway? Us!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 613 SUTTON UNITED – 2      [Akuamouah 27. Boosey 66] HENDON – 0 The U’s recent surge in form has firmly lodged them into the top 5 and not only that, has opened the way to something that would have seemed impossible back in September. Finishing as runners-up. Our chances […]

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Boozy & Boosey!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 1007 BOBBINS – 2    [Stone 7. OG 9] SUTTON UNITED – 2      [Bailey 25. Boosey 74] Having got some good practice in sweeping aside poor opposition when turning over K’s on the Saturday, we were looking forward to doling out a bit more of some Xmas style arse-kicking […]

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Boosey’s Blinder!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 710 SUTTON UNITED – 4   [Fowler 19. Nurse 39. Boosey 73. Gray 79] KINGSTONIAN – 1  [Beard 48] Ah, it’s the Easter break. And what a busy little period this is going to be. Not only have we got both K’s and the Scummers to play inside 72 hours, we’ve […]

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Didn’t We Win 2-1?

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 148 FORD UNITED – 2   [Allen 53. Poole p88] SUTTON UNITED – 4    [Bailey 17.77 J-Nurse 56. Gray 87] Match Reporter: Chalmers With Dan missing this game with some feeble excuse about some work piss up in Central London      (yes, that place twenty minutes away on the […]

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