2015/2016 Season Review – Part 3

So, in Part 2 we were knocked out of the Trophy and then let back in, the boys really started picking up some points in the league and then front runners tantalisingly started dropping some. Which has made things rather exciting for the last part of our season review for a fucking change! Do we […]

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2015/2016 Season Review – Part 2

In Part 1 after a slow-ish start and a mildly disappointing FA Cup exit, it’s all eyes on the League now. Sadly, that’s not gone quite as well as we’d hoped so far and the leading teams are already seemingly miles ahead of us. Plus we’ve already shed our captain. So it’s time to pull […]

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2015/2016 Season Review – Part 1

With the season done & dusted and celebratory hangovers to be dealt with, here’s the first part of our Annual end of season filler material Season Review. Like most seasons, we don’t start particularly quickly. But unlike last season, we do at least improve a bit over the course of the 9 months. Quite a lot […]

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Time Gentleman Please

It’s six o’clock on a Saturday morning. My dreams of a jelly wrestling competition in a paddling pool involving Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigourney Weaver are rudely interfered with by the Soviet nation anthem, “Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh” bellowing out at this ungodly hour for a weekend morning from my phone. I would’ve put the […]

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I Saw The Sign

With the big showdown at GGL last week decided in favour of the good guys, we knew that one more win would all but give us the title going into the last weekend as our goal difference is far better than Gravesend Ebbsfleet’s. But there was still that elephant in the room. Albeit, a rather […]

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Viva Las Vegas!

It’s been a funny old season. Back in early November, we’d just lost to bloody HandY at home (again, one nil, only shot on goal) and found ourselves sitting 12th in the table, some 14 points behind the leaders Ebbsfleet. At that point, it looked like a serious effort would be needed just to make […]

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Just relax & take it easy

Thank you very much Dukey for the kind hand-over from the previous blog!  Determining on tonight’s result this could very well be the last time I write for Gandermonium.  You readers may remember me writing in the Weston-super-Mare entry that Natalie labelled me a “bop” because each time I have written for this lot, doing […]

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Jolly Boys’ Outing to Margate

Wow, you have to go a long long way back to find a time when Gravesend Ebbsfleet weren’t top of the league (middle of September apparently). But for forty fives minutes on Saturday, it was the mighty Sutton that ascended that very summit to bask briefly in all its glory. Of course, win against Stortford […]

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Hello, Specsavers?

So, here we are. Super Duper Amazeo-massive clash number 1 of the Conference South title run in. Maidstone away. El Plastico pt2 if you will. And they don’t really come a lot bigger than this at our level. 2nd v 3rd. We’re unbeaten in 20. They’ve got one of the best home records in the […]

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When the Going Gets Tough

So, as we head into the final month of the season, we are faced with the real possibility of having a shot at the title. We wouldn’t have considered the prospect a mere couple of months ago. But with Gravesend  Ebbsfleet slipping up more times than a drunk man on ice, they have left the door open […]

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