Snide Walnut Whip

Can we be honest with each other? We’ve knocked around together for a while and you should have got the measure of me by now and if you haven’t, I can’t really help you. Because here’s the thing – playing a team that is already relegated when you have nothing much to pitch for yourselves […]

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Ruttin’ in the Alley

This is a bit suss ain’t it? Playing a third re-formed, ex-league club in a row? And yes, before you all start writing in with your letters, telegrams or Carrier Pigeons, I know that Airdrie is also a re-formed club as well. But still, is there a connection really, or am I just trying to […]

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Getting Goosed by the Maid

Well that lasted long didn’t it? Our stay at the summit of non-league football is already over, but as it’s the Bank Holiday Weekend we might be actually be top again by the time you read this on Monday. so this will probably make no sense at all. Wanting to do something a little different […]

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The No Smoking Loza

So we’re back at the Gallagher once again. Last time round it was a midweek contest that had second place Maidstone try and ultimately fail in stopping our charge towards the Conference South title. This time round it’s a little different. 18th vs 19th. Still, at least we both ended up going up at the […]

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The Giraffe, the Pelly & Emily

Hello Gandermonium readers and welcome to another blog from Robbo for the home fixture against Maidstone United.  For literacy bods you may notice the title of this blog as being one of Roald Dahl’s works and as a child I loved reading his books – Charlie Bucket what a hero! However, as Taz pointed out […]

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Derbi Della Synthetico

With another largely forgettable pre-season over (getting drunk in Winchester and Jersey aside!), it was finally time to get the proper stuff underway. And luckily for us, the Conference fag packet fixture computer gave us a nice attractive opening day match up with newly Promoted Maidstone. Who, like us, also have one of those new […]

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