400 up. Dundo’s Gonna Get Ya!

It’s been a while since I’ve sat here on a Sunday morning and put together one these updates, and to be honest I was a little rusty. I’d lost the natural flow you need for this sort of thing. So I called up Dukey on Sunday morning for a bit of advice on how this […]

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Hemelite? Ain’t that a Beer?

Well where to start with this one then eh? First part of a double header against Hemel (today’s league game and then next Saturday in the F.A Cup up at theirs). Dukey needing a little bit of break from being a keyboard warrior and it was I who was slung to the forefront to bring […]

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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

It’s Friday night and I’m on a train and heading over to Leatherhead to see an old mate of mine who recently proposed to his Mrs, to discuss some wedding plans as he has indeed appointed moi as one of his Ushers. Is this a good idea? Only time will tell. I did however take […]

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A Golden Boot, Lookalikes, a Manc & a Bit of Truro.

So there I was at Dartford, the game finishing at 2 a piece and I thought I’d join the boys for a quiet couple of pints, and maybe a gin or two. That kind of feeling “Well it’s the weekend, and I haven’t got work next week, so I’ll let my hair down. Have a […]

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El Plastico Fantastico

It’s that time of year again when the football season is once more upon us for the next 9 odd months or something like that. And well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these write up things (as Duke reminds me every bleedin’ day of my life). Seeing as I missed most […]

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From Lithuania with Love (I sold my soul) – Drinking Abroad

Having witnessed history with Gibraltar’s first ever competitive match, the gang now find themselves in the car park of the Estadio Algarve. It’s 40km to Albufeira, they’ve got almost a full tank of gas, several packs of cigarettes, it’s dark and some of them are wearing sunglasses. Hit it Juan. With the game we came […]

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Rain Rain Go Away…

Have you ever been kicked in the bollocks? Have you ever fallen off your bike and smashed your crown jewels on the handle bars as you went over? Have you ever had a football fired at your knackers at 90 mph, and it’s smashed you so hard you fall to the ground in agony and […]

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Just Wandering…..

What’s that I hear you mutter, no game? No bloody game. Oh and why is that, yeah Salisbury. What a farce, beyond words. So at the expensive of another club that get booted out of the league after the actual fixtures are released is beyond a joke. Today was of course the day that we […]

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Angry Goalkeeper

Time check-5 pm:- Time to leave work and give it legs to the train station to make the next available train back into Sutton. Sweating like Oscar Pistorius waiting on the verdict at his murder trial I make the change at Sutton, and head back into the wilderness, no phone signal area of Banstead. The […]

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