You Can Say No

When the news first broke about the fact we’d have to replay our FA Trophy tie with our 3rd Qual conquerors Concord, rather than getting the free pass we assumed their administrative faux pas would grant us, I personally wasn’t all that fussed. Mainly as the FA announced the rematch was set for Wednesday the […]

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No Supervision = No Regulation

As many of you are aware, we in The Firm can be quite a handful where drink is concerned. Most of the time it is ok because our fun is always regulated to an extent by the whip. And that whip is usually kept in the hands of someone sensible. Problems begin when it is […]

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Chicken Cup-A-Soup

You know what, I think we might have offended someone at the FA. I know I know, hard to believe a bunch of upstanding chaps such as ourselves upsetting anyone, let alone the national arbeiters of our beloved game. But there has to be something iffy going on when you consider the crappy draws the […]

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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

It’s Friday night and I’m on a train and heading over to Leatherhead to see an old mate of mine who recently proposed to his Mrs, to discuss some wedding plans as he has indeed appointed moi as one of his Ushers. Is this a good idea? Only time will tell. I did however take […]

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Going Krazy in Katzenjammers

It was only meant to be a simple trip to Essex. Get in, get out and be home for tea. But, like most Gandermonium trips, it didn’t quite go as planned. You all know what we can be like and the things that we get up to but on this trip we took it to […]

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How do you follow that?

“Good morning, I’m from Sutton United Football Club.” That’s my new calling card as I signed up for accordion virtuoso AB’s roving sales force for the club and took to the streets of The People’s Republic of West Sutton on Thursday on my trusty old bike to distribute propaganda on behalf of the Great Leader […]

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Monday Night Fever

AHOY! El Capitan Juan here again… With the season drawing near to a close, with just two league games left to play, let’s rewind the clock and go back in time for a look at the away fixture Vs Concordia Rangers! Back in August 2013, the early stages of the season. The Gandermonium Crew took […]

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Diagrams of Diaphragms

Have you ever had a doughnut burger? All you have to do is start with your typical bacon cheeseburger and change the standard burger bun for a glazed doughnut, slice it in half, flip it around and slightly toast it and there we have it, obesity in America. Mmmm. Buuuurger. Anyway, welcome Ladies & Gentleman on […]

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