2017/18 Season Review – Part 3

So, here we are. The final part of our Season Review for 2017/18. And if you recall from the last instalment (come on, it was only a couple of days ago. It’s not that hard!) we left the lads early in the New Year sitting in 5th spot and with safety already assured, but having […]

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2017/18 Season Review – Part 2

Having started the season well and had some fun in topping the table not once, not twice, but FOUR times already, it could be said life is pretty good for the Amber clad inhabitants of the People’s republic. That and we’re still in the FA Cup AND (to you-know-who’s delight) the Surrey Cup. Ok, so […]

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2017/18 Season Review – Part 1

So, 2016/17. That was a bit mental eh? 5th Round of the FA Cup, playing Arsenal, some bloke eating a pie, front page of the Sun. Like I said. Mental. So, I guess we’d all be up for one of those nice, quiet, boring mid-table seasons after all that fucking palaver? Then again, this is […]

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The Colin Luckett Effect

So is that it then? Bugger it! All over before the fat lady has even warmed up with a gargle of mouthwash. I suppose if she’d choked on it, then that could’ve been us. Because today was the day we choked, big time. Not for the first time in our history have we been only […]

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Three’s a Charm

Aah Aldershot!  Come on then, who thought when the fixture list came out last summer that it would all come crashing in like a whirlwind down Gander Green Lane for this final regulation game of yet another epic season for this football club of ours? Fuck off you did. Was always going to be a […]

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A State of Pure Inebriation

Did anyone see that coming? Well, I did say last time round that knowing the way that Sutton perform, it would be just our way that we’d lose against Maidenhead and then pull it out of the onion bag against Gravesend & Northfleet Ebbsfleet. But then again, I didn’t actually believe what I said and […]

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Fraying at the Edges

It is fair to say that our season is rapidly unravelling. Unravelling in fact at a speed not seen since Sir Edmund Hilary dropped his lucky ball of string when stood just shy of the summit of Everest. Since we briefly returned to the top of the table after narrowly beating Chester back on the […]

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No Massa McCarthy

Sutton United versus Hartlepool United, down Gander Green Lane, in a league match. Na, doesn’t sound right that. But then again, in a few months time, we could be in a real surreal place, if things go down a particular path. But let’s not get too carried away with ourselves here, It’s not the Surrey […]

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Love Sex Intelligence

A couple of weeks back, one of the Gandermonium crew found himself the proud owner of a new DVD he’d successfully bid on and won from a popular online auction webbsite. Fifteen quid he’d paid for this piece of physical media, which contained the whole 90 minutes of a Sutton United versus Dover game,  one […]

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A Two Hander

When the call came in from the gaffer “Do you fancy doing a two hander with Duke in Blackpool?” – stop sniggering at the back – it wasn’t really a question as such, more an editorial instruction that no level of good or half arsed excuses could simply palm away. And so it was, on […]

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