Sounds of Sutton

Here you’ll find some audio clips from when some foolish people put us on the radio, along with (believe it or not) several songs people have released dedicated to the mighty Sutton United. Honest.

Taz speaks to Phil Williams on 5 Live about half an hour after the final whistle and the end of Sutton’s amazing FA Cup adventure following a 2-0 defeat to Premier League Arsenal at Gander Green Lane.

One. Last. Plug. Taz & Totts speak to BBC Surrey on the morning of the Arsenal FA Cup tie to talk hopes, dreams & ‘that fucking song’ one last time! Honest. No, really. We promise…

Gandermoniun idiots Taz & Totts (Comrade X) on BBC 5 Live Breakfast, along with somewhat-more-famous-than-them (and funnier) comedian Tim Vine, as they talk about impending the Arsenal FA Cup 5th Round tie that evening and give ‘that fucking song’ one last plug!

The audio of ‘that fucking song’ as it became affectionately known during the famous FA Cup run of the 2016/17 season. Drunkenly conceived after the Cheltenham tie and knocked out in time for the AFC Wimbledon tie in the 3rd Round, this effort from Totts (Comrade X) is definitely the best song you’ll ever hear dedicated to Sutton United. It’s even on iTunes. And Spotify! You’ll find the video for this elsewhere on this very page…

Gandermonium member ‘Comrade X’ (Totts) plugging his track ‘Back on the Shoebox Terrace Again’ as well as the FA Cup 3rd Round tie with AFC Wimbledon on the BBC Surrey Breakfast show. Broadcast 06/01/2017

We were contacted by BBC Radio London’s Nick Godwin about doing a bit on the London Non-League scene due to the Easter Weekend being an international date. So we sent Taz down to have a chat with him at Cafe Nero in Sutton. Here’s the result. Broadcast: Saturday 26/03/2016. And no, it wasn’t done live. Why? Risk of swears of course!


A short ‘documentary’ piece done on the U’s away support (eg. us) by Eastbourne Borough fan Andrew Raeburn as part of his final year doing Journalism at University. Here he follows the usual idiots home and away as a slightly rubbish 2005/2006 Conference South season limps towards it’s relegation threatened, but ultimately safe conclusion. Starring Taz, Miller and Chalmers.  Contains LOTS of bleeps. Mainly because they’re disgusting potty mouths.


The original Gandermonium produced ‘storyboard’ guerrilla video for Totts smash hit FA Cup song dedicated to all things Sutton United and the Shoebox in general. It might not the first, but it’s certainly the best. 

This is a somewhat trippy effort released prior to the Arsenal tie by ‘The Major’, an alter ego of renowned chap hop artiste and former Cheam resident Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer. For this one, he put down his banjolele and went back to his more electronic roots. What a chap he is!

Probably the first Sutton United related song to appear. This was put out about 10 years ago by a couple of local lads under the Kraftwerk-esque moniker of ‘Fussgangerzone’. Believe it or note, the team even ran out to this on home matchdays for a while early in the 21st century. We think it’s fair to say this one somewhat divides the support. Some find it a quirky little ear worm. Others chuckle about it but don’t take it too seriously. Whilst some think it’s utter fucking shite. We’ll let you decide for yourself…

This one surfaced on the net between the Leeds & Arsenal ties and was the third musical effort put out from that cup run after Mr B and of course our own Comrade X. Who knew we had so many musical fans? Mr Turtle is a long serving musician and writer from Surrey, with a long and varied career. Look him up HERE

Following that ridiculous cup run, we of course featured heavily in the BBC’s traditional pre-cup final ‘Road to Wembley’ programme, which went with a musical theme this time round. Weybridge rockers You Me at Six did their track ‘Take on the World’ out on the 3G at GGL to cover our little segment. Click below & take a look….