Enough Beetroot?

The last time I was at Havant we were at the arse end of the Vanarama South league and my Dad still had some colour in his hair – but having only started to follow Sutton the season previous the hair had been slowly going greyer with every loss on the record. Yet with every […]

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Battle of the Ex’s

Well I can’t say that I’m a fan of sober football. That’s three pints or less before you ask. But sober football is really depressing, Especially when you factor in a 2-0 defeat at the hands of a team a  whole division below us. But at least we can still say that it’s only pre-season […]

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A Lil’ Chip Slip

There’s only six games of what is turning into a bastard slog of a season to go and the play-offs might be only four points away but they could be twenty points for all it matters. The way the results have been coming in recently, we’d be going down if we hadn’t already acquired enough […]

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Ten Bob Pimp

I’m not a fan of clubs merging.  It all started going wrong when Corinthians merged with The Casuals for me and it’s been down hill ever since.  I mean, even that bird on Countdown who does all the really hard sums hasn’t got a clue how many thousands of Essex clubs eventually ended up in […]

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0239 265 4321. Hello Aqua!

We’re now half way through the pre-season calendar and let’s face it, I doubt very much it will be that memorable. Three games down, we’ve seen three goals, all in the last ten minutes. Shots have been at a premium and any vague entertainment is soon forgotten. So would a trip to Portsmouth be any […]

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Dukey Don’t Camp

Football, it’s a bit of a passionate, tribal sport innit? I mean, ok it’s a lot softer and cuddly and safer than it used to be, but there’s something to be said for losing your shit occasionally. It can be quite cathartic. And I say that as someone who may have had a shout or two […]

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I Havant, Havant I?

I was beginning to dislike the 2015/16 season something rotten. As mentioned in the blog from Taz on Saturday, my relationship with technology is somewhat like that of Amish. In fact, considering that most of my electronic devices have gone the way of the Dodo it will come as no surprise that I nearly managed […]

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A Pocketful of Pepper

This blog is being sponsored by the National Black Pepper Appreciation Society in conjunction with the Association of Black Pepper Consumers. Some have said that Black Pepper is a kind of addiction for me and to be honest it probably is! For some reason I ended up at the end of the night with not […]

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Angry Goalkeeper

Time check-5 pm:- Time to leave work and give it legs to the train station to make the next available train back into Sutton. Sweating like Oscar Pistorius waiting on the verdict at his murder trial I make the change at Sutton, and head back into the wilderness, no phone signal area of Banstead. The […]

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Night of a Thousand Corners

Here we go ladies & gents. We’re finally coming out of the last bend and we can see the finish line off in the distance, down the end of the final straight of season 20132014. And what a bend it’s been, with three home games inside 6 days and a visit to Maidenhead still to […]

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