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I’ll be honest, even not being the greatest fan of pre-season, I’ve found it hard to get up for this summer’s action, even with the historic first FL season looming just barely a week away. I guess that usual “It’s just mildly competitive training” feel mixed in with seeing precisely half a dozen live games […]

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A Stroll By The River Mole

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A LEATHERHEAD – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Watkins 3. McBean 24] And so we come to the final friendly. Our now almost customary trip down to Fetcham Grove in Leatherhead to meet the Tanners. A venue that not matter how crap the weather has been recently, always seems to host […]

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Taking the Lions Share…

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att:N/A SUTTON UNITED – 0 MILLWALL – 2   [James 64. Noel 78] After saturdays somewhat straightforward win over a rather poor Brentford outfit, we were hoping that Millwall’s XI would present a somewhat stiffer test. Our side is boosted by the addition of two loan signings from Saturdays oppo. We’ve gained the […]

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Bees Stung

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att : 427 SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Watkins 35. McBean 65. 82] BRENTFORD – 1   [Ide 68] With the weather remaining somewhat shit and the quite ridiculous decision made at lunchtime to switch the Windsor game from their Stag Meadow ground to some field the other side of town, your less than […]

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Whyteleafe? In Pre-Season? Never!

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A WHYTELEAFE – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Garness 41. McBean 63. Watkins 70] Having missed the opening friendly with Walton due to holidays and then the Dulwich game being washed out (A waterlogged pitch? In July? WTF?), I find myself in the unusual position of not having seen a pre-season […]

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Saving Ourselves Perhaps?

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att : N/A LEATHERHEAD – 3   [Stevens 26.40. Charles-Smith 89] SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Gray p90] As final warm ups go, this certainly won’t be getting an entry into any forthcoming instructional books or videos entitled “How to make sure you’re properly prepared & raring to go for that first league […]

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Casually Does It

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att : N/A CORINTHIAN CASUALS – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 5   [OG 14. Cornwell 23. Tomlin 26.38. Douglas 37] With the cancellation of two early friendlies, I guess it’s not surprising JR went looking for other opponents to help boost our pre-season programme. Fortunately, our old friends and fellow users of […]

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Not On Threesy Street Yet…

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY | Att : N/A HORSHAM – 3  [Taylor 40.45. Carney p47] SUTTON UNITED – 3   [Douglas 13. OG 41. Gray p75] Sutton’s summer bandwagon reached it’s latest destination on Tuesday evening, winding it’s way down the A24 to Horsham and 90 minutes of fun & festivities at Queen Street. But first, there’s […]

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Beavers Trimmed

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att : 154 HAMPTON & RICHMOND – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 3    [Scarborough 32. Watkins 33. Marvell 72] Note to  other clubs. If you are installing an irrigation system on your playing surface, the chances of said surface being ready for use in mid July is unlikely.  And giving 24 hours […]

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Orient(al) Masters

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att : 438 SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Watkins 24] LEYTON ORIENT – 2  [Tudor 33. Alexander 47] With Tuesdays less than enthralling encounter, we all hoped that the visit of Leyton Orient today would lead to a stronger starting 11 and if we were really lucky, a half decent game of football. […]

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