Final Rehearsal

So it’s all come to this. The final preparations for our second season in the football league wouldn’t have been complete without a good ol’ barmy with Bromley. As per every season, there have been changes. Old friends have left, new lads have arrived. What’s most important though, particularly during these fitness-testing warm ups, is […]

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Love Fifteen

So here is my first attempt at covering a Sutton game for the famous Gandermonium blog, the pre-season friendly against Woking. Of course, I have studied with a lot of attention the style of the original writings from this place and discovered that they would most necessarily involve a detailed description of the travel needed […]

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Wear Sunscreen

Oh, hello there. Uh, what are you hanging about for? We’re not kicking off for another couple of weeks yet! Then we’ll be right back to our usual blend of nonsense, swearing, drinking and occasionally mentioning the football! What’s that? “Pre-season” you say? Who the hell wants to read about that? I mean, they’re just […]

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Enough Beetroot?

The last time I was at Havant we were at the arse end of the Vanarama South league and my Dad still had some colour in his hair – but having only started to follow Sutton the season previous the hair had been slowly going greyer with every loss on the record. Yet with every […]

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Two’s Company

We’re back. Anyone else think it’s about a month too soon, a lifetime even? As regular readers will deduce, this is a guest appearance so no lurid tales of ridiculous levels of alcohol intake, no caustic remarks about other members of the crew but in keeping with this establishment’s ethos, not much about a football […]

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Viral Tik Toks

“No blog?? On top of no season review? Sacrilege! I’ll rectify that”, I say to myself as I scroll through Twitter, slouched into the sofa, beer in hand heart just about recovering from the night’s events. “Another thriller at Meadowbank?” I hear you cry. Alas, no. Sleepy Jr. has simply just given me a mild […]

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Youtube Bus Videos

I’ll be honest, even not being the greatest fan of pre-season, I’ve found it hard to get up for this summer’s action, even with the historic first FL season looming just barely a week away. I guess that usual “It’s just mildly competitive training” feel mixed in with seeing precisely half a dozen live games […]

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A Stroll By The River Mole

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A LEATHERHEAD – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Watkins 3. McBean 24] And so we come to the final friendly. Our now almost customary trip down to Fetcham Grove in Leatherhead to meet the Tanners. A venue that not matter how crap the weather has been recently, always seems to host […]

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Taking the Lions Share…

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY  |  Att:N/A SUTTON UNITED – 0  MILLWALL – 2   [James 64. Noel 78] After Saturdays somewhat straightforward win over a rather poor looking Brentford outfit, we were hoping that Millwall’s XI would present a somewhat stiffer test as we build up to the new season. Ironically, our ranks have since been boosted by […]

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Bees Stung

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att : 427 SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Watkins 35. McBean 65. 82] BRENTFORD – 1   [Ide 68] With the weather remaining somewhat shit and the quite ridiculous decision made at lunchtime to switch the Windsor game from their Stag Meadow ground to some field the other side of town, your less than […]

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