Spanky Neighbour

Ah St Albans. Usually one of the groovy Gandermonium gang’s favourite awaydays. A nice town, an easy single train journey up, plenty of pubs in which to refresh ourselves and a decent record there on the football front. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you’ve been following us for a while, you might remember […]

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Hawaii Constabulary Style

It’s been a strange week. Like many other unfortunates across the country, I hauled my Turkey and Quality Street stuffed carcass out of bed on Monday and returned to work after the Xmas break. By Wednesday morning, I’d had my fill and coupled with old reservations about my employers, I’d done what can only be […]

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Finally, Something to Cheer About

In the words of our very own Able: “I didn’t see that coming” From the position that we were in at half time and looking at some of the scores on the old box, I will have to admit that I wasn’t expecting a turn around like that. With our 200th blog around the corner being left […]

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Commit No Nuisance

Its Sunday morning. In fact its half past fuckin’ six on a Sunday morning. And where am I? East Croydon. I walk past MacDonald’s and there is this fella spread-eagled in front of the door, snoring away to his heart’s content. People are stepping over him to get inside the place, how could someone get […]

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Saints Alive! – One from the Archives

Now, normally when we get a game called off, I’ll pop down into the basement here at HQ and have a sift through some of our old records from the previous incarnation of Gandermonium to bung on here as filler. Well, this time the game called off was on New Year’s Day, you know, the […]

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Saints Alive!!

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 426 ST ALBANS CITY – 1   [Stevenson 75] SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Dundas p80 Scarborough 90] With 2008 underway somewhat more successfully than 2007 (not that hard if we’re honest) after the nerve shredding 2-1 win over Hampton on New Years Day, things are starting to look vaguely more hopeful. […]

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Nought So Far…

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 443 SUTTON UNITED – 0 ST ALBANS CITY – 0 With Saturday’s less than satisfactory performance and one of the crew already left behind on an away trip, it could be said we’ve had a somewhat less than cracking start to this ‘Blue Square South’ campaign. Thus we’re not sure if we […]

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Hardly Surprising Really….

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 638 ST ALBANS CITY – 3   [Martin 14. Clarke 21. Marwa 74] Sutton United – 1   [Watson 16] When you’ve won only one of your last 19 competitive matches, the last place you want to go is somewhere like St Albans when they’re sitting second in the table and […]

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Yabba Dabba Do!

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 640 SUTTON UNITED – 4   [Quinton 6. 24. Akuamouah 53. Cornwall 76] ST ALBANS CITY – 0  If you scroll back up a bit, you’ll see that after the disappointing performance down in Basingstoke, I commented “Saturday in Chippenham should be a right laugh!”. Well, it fucking wasn’t. It was […]

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Saints & A Sinner

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 515 ST ALBANS CITY – 1     [Fieldwick 79.] SUTTON UNITED – 2    [Gray p29. Corbett 45.] Another saturday, another six pointer for the U’s! And sadly, for such a good away days drinking, the crew is almost pathetically threadbare. Only Windy and myself are on the early train into […]

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