2014/2014 Season Review – Part 3

Having failed to set the Conference South world alight in the previous 5 months, there were signs of life towards the end of 2014 and we’d managed to win a few. Will this be the catalyst for one of our now customary post-Xmas charges up the table in the final third of the season? Will […]

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2014/15 Season Review – Part 2

Welcome back! Well, in Part 1 of the not very exciting rollercoaster ride that was the season just gone, we got off to a ropey start (again), recovered a bit, went back to being ropey and pretty much levelled out from there. Still, we’ve always got our customary post-Xmas charge to look forward to! Haven’t […]

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2014/15 Season Review – Part 1

Here we are again! Another campaign over and despite the hopes & dreams we may have had after last season’s second place finish, things didn’t exactly go to plan for us this time out either. And then some. Injuries, lack of form from new players, lack of form from old heads, more injuries, lack of […]

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Title Amended For Legal Reasons

So here we are. The end of another season. Another 9 month journey through the hurly burly, all action world of the Conference South draws to a close. And what a journey it’s been. Confusing, dismaying, appalling & disappointing in equal measure and just the once or twice briefly lulling us into thinking it actually […]

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Snuff, Muff & Love Puff

So here we are, the final away game of the season. Lets be honest here for a moment and say that 2014/15 won’t be ever considered a vintage year. In fact I would say that this is possibly the worst season we’ve experienced under Our Lord Dos. Saying that there were several moments that will […]

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And Here’s One I Made Earlier

Ah Easter, Some would have you believe that it is all about the death & resurrection of a carpenter’s boy from Bethlehem. Others think that it is a free four day weekend to lounge about in their pants watching Jeremy Kyle. I just think it is the annoyance of trying to get two games into three/four days that […]

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Cliff’s Summer Holiday

When Blues legend Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads he could have saved himself all that hassle of dealing with Old Nick and just headed straight to Borehamwood – a place so relentlessly soulless it makes Hackbridge feel like Rio when the Carnival is in town. So, when the call […]

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I Would Make Anthea Turner’s Tracy Island!

Positivity, that’s the word I was after. Its now been over seven hours since Gomis plopped the ball into the Bromley goal. One solitary point for the whole of March to show for a team running out of ideas and low on confidence. I could go on with various stats like: One win in two […]

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Total Eclipse of the Fart

Sometimes ladies & gents, you need to get a handle on real life. A sense of perspective if you will. Take Friday’s eclipse for example. As expected, southern Britain ensured we’d miss out on this once in a lifetime spectacle with skies so grey & impenetrable they’d make Beijing City Council consider suing for breach […]

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