You Can’t Beat a Bit of Bully

The magical mystery Sutton bus continues it’s unbeaten journey one match at a time. What was once thought as a very tricky week in the world of the U’s, has now been proven to be just run of the mill type stuff. And for the second time this week, it’s Gandermonium’s very own foreign correspondent […]

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Rumble Our Blanks

Oh Sutton United. You most definitely know how to put the cat amongst the pigeons don’t ya? Just when we you think that the team have already sacked off the rest of the season, up pops up Craig Eastmond with a 95th minute headed winner at the back post to once again give ignite false […]

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Red Light Spells Danger

Bloody Boreham Wood. What is it about those fellas from Hertfordshire that causes grown, supposedly semi-professional footballers to revert to a type of teenage mentality compromising about as much use as an Iranian gin salesman. Plus it’s also not the first time that Sutton have put up about as much fight as a French Army […]

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The Colin Luckett Effect

So is that it then? Bugger it! All over before the fat lady has even warmed up with a gargle of mouthwash. I suppose if she’d choked on it, then that could’ve been us. Because today was the day we choked, big time. Not for the first time in our history have we been only […]

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Memory Lane

Bienvenue, Willkommen, Aloha, Mauya, Vitaj and Croeso! Yes, welcome my friends to this brand spanking new year. One which, if many popular news outlets are to be believed is being widely called ‘Two thousand and Eighteen’. It’s a touch unimaginative if you ask us, but as absolutely no one is and as it seems to […]

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The Footballing Fagin’s

“In this world, one thing counts. In the bank, large amounts. I’m afraid these don’t grow on trees, You’ve gotta pick a pocket or two.” Now Fagin is not a particularly festive figure I will grant you but as my thoughts turned to the Boxing Day away trip to Boredom Wood I could not get […]

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Isn’t it good, no its BOREham Wood!

The title for this blog is inspired by The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” for those who are of an outstanding musical intellect like me!  So let’s begin by getting the past events out of the way. It was only a week ago that we had hosted Arsenal, yes that’s Arsenal Football Club in the Fifth Round […]

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Not Cheap, Not Cheerful

When a small outfit like ours finds itself in the spotlight, it’s easy to get carried away with things and start living it large like them there big Premier League charlies. And why not, you’re in the papers all the time and on the telly every 5 minutes. So you can very easily get all […]

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You Can Keep Ya Bloody Thameslink

When is a bad day at the office made much worse? When does a simple little away trip to the arse end of London, drive you to the point of near exhaustion? If a midweek trip to Boredom Wood is bad enough, imagine having to spend over five hours trying to escape the place & […]

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