Cliff’s Summer Holiday

When Blues legend Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads he could have saved himself all that hassle of dealing with Old Nick and just headed straight to Borehamwood – a place so relentlessly soulless it makes Hackbridge feel like Rio when the Carnival is in town. So, when the call […]

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Rain Rain Go Away…

Have you ever been kicked in the bollocks? Have you ever fallen off your bike and smashed your crown jewels on the handle bars as you went over? Have you ever had a football fired at your knackers at 90 mph, and it’s smashed you so hard you fall to the ground in agony and […]

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Cars and Pints and Pains

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” A wise man once told me,that. I guess like anything these days, you can fall in and out of love with it. Like foota, it can give you highs and it can give you lows. Of late I think it’s been more lows with all these draws, have we […]

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Welcome to the Thameslink Classico

What a debut match to be selected for/lumped with for a first Gandermonium match report. Borehamwood away on a misty Monday night. Nothing less than the El Thameslink Classico itself!  It’s an easy hop up from St Pancras where I work to the suburban Goonerville of Wood and Elstree. Out of the station and things […]

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We’ve got Wood! Well, Borehamwood

Well then ladies, gents and readers of Gandermonium.  Where do I begin with this one? Firstly, are you sitting comfortably? So, following on from our eventful day of both drinking and football down in Dover on Saturday. I checked my bank balance this morning, and well I hat e to say it, but it’s true what […]

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