Norman Milne – Cult Hero

News that Sutton’s latest fixture at Wrexham has been postponed due to Coronavirus issues at the Welsh club is yet another sad reminder of the effect COVID-19 is having. Football may be considered trivial in comparison to lives being lost but for those passionate about the game, being denied our regular fix of seeing our […]

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Just relax & take it easy

Thank you very much Dukey for the kind hand-over from the previous blog!  Determining on tonight’s result this could very well be the last time I write for Gandermonium.  You readers may remember me writing in the Weston-super-Mare entry that Natalie labelled me a “bop” because each time I have written for this lot, doing […]

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Juan’s 37th Birthday Spectacular

So here we are again, another trip back to Stortford. It seems like only a month we were here in the old FA Cup. Or course everyone knows that it was a whole seven weeks ago. And since then we had won a few, drawn a few and lost a few. But also today we […]

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Said the Bishop to the Sailor

I went to the doctor the other day and he said he was worried about how much alcohol I was consuming. He asked me how many units of booze I had consumed this week and after I told him ’21’, he told me 28 was the maximum and that I’m fine after all. Guess it […]

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Dirt on the Bishop’s Finger

Ah, fourth round qualifying day, the time where you believe you’re only ninety minutes away from a plumper of a first round tie. Alas, once again we won’t be taking part in this year’s festivities as we slumped out in the round previously. Still its been many years that we’ve put a Cup & Trophy […]

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You Lose Some, You Win Some

Easter is the time where we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and foundation of the Christian faith passed on the principals that have been laid down by God to his chosen people. More importantly its a couple of games over a weekend that can make or break a season for a team at either end of the […]

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Bishops Move

So this Saturday, our home campaign continues, with the first Bank Holiday fixture, we welcome back to Gander Green Lane Bishops Stortford. So we hope that Tuesday night’s current play continues this rainy Saturday afternoon. For those of you that couldn’t make the mid-week fixture, well you missed a banger and a goal fest! We […]

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Won’t Be Long Now….

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 471 BISHOPS STORTFORD – 3  [Higgins 14. Edwards 39. Edwards 60] SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Goodchild 76] Dunno about you, but I had a cracking Saturday afternoon. There I was, at home, confined to my sofa, doubled up with flu feeling shit under my duvet with a big mug of lemsip. […]

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Essex Ram Raiders

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 428 SUTTON UNITED – 0 BISHOPS STORTFORD – 1   [Pearson 90] Sheesh, almost Christmas already. And what a pain in the arse it is. Have you ever tried to fit in writing up some load of old pony about the exploits of a currently rubbish non-league team amongst all the eating, […]

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