I Saw The Sign

With the big showdown at GGL last week decided in favour of the good guys, we knew that one more win would all but give us the title going into the last weekend as our goal difference is far better than Gravesend Ebbsfleet’s. But there was still that elephant in the room. Albeit, a rather […]

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A Bit of a Cocker

So tell me, what have Woodstock, Pulp & Brookside got in common? Well to be honest, and here at Gandermonium it could mean anything, it all started with the late Jarvis Joe Cocker (or was it the Spice Girls?) and ended up with Sutton United being mentioned in divorce papers. Yeah on second thoughts, don’t bother trying […]

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It’s All Banter-ish

Yeah that’s right banter, bants, or even top b. Just some of the words that are used to describe some of the drivel that emits from our north & south every match. The things we say to each other on a daily basis would be on a totally different playing field to some of the messages that […]

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Game dull. Dundo smash!

Hello readers! Me again. As it was Dukey’s birthday, I offered to cover reporting duties for this week so he could enjoy the festivities without having to worry about providing entertaining content for you. That and I didn’t want him leaving out anything juicy from the drunken stupidity that would no doubt ensue. As you […]

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Seventeen Hours

Let me borrow just seventeen hours of your time. That is because for seventeen hours yesterday I was out and about disgracing myself on our little trip to Chelmsford. I will have to say that when the fixtures came out in the summer one of ties you don’t really look for is our trips to Essex […]

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TOWIE Shite!

WTF? Where am I? What happened? Fuck the eatin’ is cheatin’ rule, next time I’m lining the old stomach. Well that was a trip and a half to Essex and back! The morning had begun as any morning would begin if you were about to have five weeks off work, as I leisurely stretched out on […]

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