Permanent Modular Facilities

So who would’ve thought that we would still be in two cup competitions after Christmas and neither of them being my beloved Surrey Senior Cup. Normally, if we have a run in one of the FA tournaments, the other seems to take a backward step and we’re usually dumped out in the qualifying rounds. But […]

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I came, I saw, I puked (x5)…

Greetings fellow readers of Gandermonium.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guys at Gandermonium for allowing me to provide a guest appearance on their blog – although guess this may be the last!  I always wanted to be a sports journalist of some calibre but ended up being a civil servant! […]

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Liquid Filled Camel Balls

Shut the front door. Stop your grinning and drop your linen. It’s only the Duke’s 100th tale of Gandermonium’s continued battle with alcohol & Sutton United! In fact, such is the joy in my ticker, I feel a song coming on. So let’s get down to a good old fashioned country hoe down and repeat […]

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Snuff, Muff & Love Puff

So here we are, the final away game of the season. Lets be honest here for a moment and say that 2014/15 won’t be ever considered a vintage year. In fact I would say that this is possibly the worst season we’ve experienced under Our Lord Dos. Saying that there were several moments that will […]

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Al Capone’s Fags

Another birthday recently came and went taking me just a few years away from the day when I am able to negotiate concessionary entrance with MarkN , the desert-booted guardian of turnstile A and custodian of the guitars when I have a gig straight after a home fixture.  In fact I still have the unrequited […]

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All About Scoring, Innit?

With three home games to squeeze into this week and a possible Youth cup final to attend to, things here at the Führerbunker are liable to go a little ka-ka. Juan is still MIA/grounded, so hopefully Taz might be helpful if it takes his mood. And shut the front door, I actually got my old Nokia […]

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No Tresspassing!

I sense a pattern forming here. Last day of last season and I get lumbered with doing the report away to Bath as our regulars Dukey & Juan were all ‘worn out’ from a 9 game run in April. Tonight, we’re again away to Bath and with Dukey driving (and thus being utterly sober) and […]

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Hey you, don’t watch that! Watch this!

I dunno, you just can’t get the staff these days! Having begged and pleaded and generally pestered me to bring this thing back, Juan & Dukey have I think found themselves a little surprised at the sort of time & effort you have to put in scribbling crap about even a Non-League club such as […]

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A Nasty Stain In The Bath

CONFERENCE SOUTH  | Att: 747 BATH CITY – 2   [Foley 12. Walsh 65]  SUTTON UNITED – 3   [Dundas 7. McBean 24. 42] Three to go. With relegation confirmed, there’s little to really keep us interested in what remains of this season, apart from the struggles of our dear friends and neighbours at Colston Avenue, […]

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Drowned In The Bath

CONFERENCE SOUTH ATTENDANCE : 598 SUTTON UNITED – 0 BATH CITY – 4   [Gilroy 22. 41. p69. Holland 40] It couldn’t last. We sort of knew that. But it was nice for once to enjoy a couple of decent results before we returned to the usual drudgery of getting our arses handed to us […]

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