Lemon & Chocolate Crisps

Injury crisis, what injury Crisis? In the aftermath of Bognor, the casualty list was so long that even Dukey fancied his chaces of getting a run out against Bath. There was even talk of loan players and maybe even a new signing, but nope. Nothing doing. Instead we put out a pretty familiar line up […]

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Sten Guns in Hackbridge

The festive spirit? Don’t get me fucking started. After a month of half-arsed and contrived piss ups by Christmas Eve I was flagging, so what did I do? Went to the Euston Flyer at lunchtime when the office closed for beer and whiskey and then headed south for a pre-arranged meet at the Hope in […]

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And Here’s One I Made Earlier

Ah Easter, Some would have you believe that it is all about the death & resurrection of a carpenter’s boy from Bethlehem. Others think that it is a free four day weekend to lounge about in their pants watching Jeremy Kyle. I just think it is the annoyance of trying to get two games into three/four days that […]

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Sounding Like a Broken Record

I was meeting Taz at a pub and as I went in, I noticed two pretty women looking at me. ‘Nine,’ I heard one whisper to the other as I passed. Feeling pleased with myself, I swaggered over to Taz and told him a girl just rated me as nine out of ten. ‘I don’t want to […]

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Don’t Drag My Testicles Into This

I think it was the sniggering of the manager of Weatherspoons as the conversation descended into the realms of debauchery that finally had us reach our eventful end of another very long day in the pursuit of eternal happiness. I can’t really recall how we ended up discussing having ones nuts on a silver platter and […]

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Can you Streak at a Youth Game?

Ah a nice cup of tea……. Just the answer as I shuffle around in my command centre. The problem/benefit to the drinking the Firm partakes in, is that for me I don’t get hangovers (much to the disgust of someone!). That is not to say that I don’t fell the effects of a couple of sherries, a case […]

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Bye Bye to the Ryman League! – One from the Archives

I’m bored. And you probably are too. So let’s have a little end of season action from the archives to help pass the time with a cup of tea eh?  This report harks back to more innocent times. Back when we thought that finishing top 13 in the Ryman and qualifying for the new Conference […]

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‘Stoke the fire

Well the game for me tonight was a tough decision as to whether I would be in attendance or not due to suffering with the latest batch of the “man flu” (it’s a man killer ya know) doing the rounds! So after receiving a text from Duke asking me whether or not I had turned […]

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