Last Chance Look-See

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY  Att: N/A BANSTEAD ATH – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Collins 88] Now onto the final rehersal. Sutton, for some reason, took the unusual step of playing a friendly mid-week, with most other sides taking it easy prior to tbe big kick-off on Saturday. Now normally, we’d wonder about the wisdom of […]

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Revenge For ’63! Sort Of…

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: 1504 SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Collins 70] AFC WIMBLEDON – 0 Bollocks it’s hot. But then again, you’d probably noticed that yourselves eh? Got windows in your house no doubt. And you watch the newsweather and stuff. So quite how 2 teams were expected to put on a football match today […]

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A Tale Of Two Penalties

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A DULWICH HAMLET – 1 [Haughton 61] SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Watson 16. Bolt 88p] The U’s return to the scene of their Surrey Cup semi-triumph from last season for what we expect to be probably our toughest test of the pre-season so far. And like that drizzly night a couple […]

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Sutton Top Up Their Tan(ners)

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A LEATHERHEAD – 2 [Ruggles 51. Charles-Smith 85] SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Collins 27. Fowler 33.63p] Next up for the U’s Surrey based pre-season bandwagon? Why Leatherhead of course! A pre-match meet in the Old Bank by Sutton finds Mr Bell his usual jovial self, the greek fella scoffing a bacon […]

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‘Leafe Fall

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A WHYTELEAFE – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Palmer 2. Bailey 15] Along with the Molesey game, another almost-permanent-fixture of a Sutton United pre-season programme is a trip to the pleasant, leafy surroundings of Whyteleafe’s Chruch Lane ground. Recent visits have met with mixed results. And win or lose a crap […]

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Weiners & Flat Roofs

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: 302 EASTBOURNE BOROUGH – 0  SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Corbett 77. Gray 86] Aaaah! At long last. A trip to the seaside for some football. Basically an excuse to get completely bollocksed and get up to all sorts of mischief. If we’re lucky.  With us not having near a beach in […]

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Sevenoaks Hit For…Er…Four

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A SEVENOAKS TOWN – 2   [Jenner 55. Hallchruch 85] SUTTON UNITED – 4   [Bolt 30.34p. Fowler 57. Bailey 63] Thank god thats over! No, not the game dummy. The bloody post-season! My god it was dull. More so with the lack of any real footy action, apart from the […]

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Lessons In Finishing. #145

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A SUTTON UNITED – 1 [Bolt 71] CRYSTAL PALACE XI – 5 [Williams Surrey47] Oooooh bugger. Thats it. The end of this praticising lark. We’ve got to do it for real next week! So what better way to prepare for the start of a brand new season than to invite a […]

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Well Done, You Won One…

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A BOBBINS – 3 [Webb 50.60. Williams 61] SUTTON UNITED – 1 [Hanlan 45] So to our penultimate fixture of what has proved to be a slightly….ahem!……’disappointing’ pre-season program. A meeting with the seemingly revitalised scummy tossers from up the road. Oh goody. With the U’s having managed to field a bare […]

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