Come On Eileen

Aah, The Head. When I first started following Sutton, Leatherhead were real rivals in the old Rothmans Isthmian League and in that golden era for their football club without a shadow of a doubt one of the top non–league sides in the land, when there were certainly plenty of contenders kicking about. Of course, Sutton […]

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A Stroll By The River Mole

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A LEATHERHEAD – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Watkins 3. McBean 24] And so we come to the final friendly. Our now almost customary trip down to Fetcham Grove in Leatherhead to meet the Tanners. A venue that not matter how crap the weather has been recently, always seems to host […]

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Saving Ourselves Perhaps?

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att : N/A LEATHERHEAD – 3   [Stevens 26.40. Charles-Smith 89] SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Gray p90] As final warm ups go, this certainly won’t be getting an entry into any forthcoming instructional books or videos entitled “How to make sure you’re properly prepared & raring to go for that first league […]

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Hot Hot Hot!

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY  Att: N/A LEATHERHEAD  – 1   [Tavares 73.] SUTTON UNITED – 2    [Vansittart 10. Martin 55.] We played Leatherhead at a similar point last summer and it was hot. Fucking hot. This year? Hot. Fucking hot. For a friendly, the assembled crew is disgracefully large! With myself, Greek, Windy, Belly, Chalmers […]

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Sutton Top Up Their Tan(ners)

PRE SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A LEATHERHEAD – 2 [Ruggles 51. Charles-Smith 85] SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Collins 27. Fowler 33.63p] Next up for the U’s Surrey based pre-season bandwagon? Why Leatherhead of course! A pre-match meet in the Old Bank by Sutton finds Mr Bell his usual jovial self, the greek fella scoffing a bacon […]

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