Madam Cholet’s Knickers

Boxing Day football. The highlight of the season. The jewel in the Association calendar. Right? RIGHT? Well, for some it is. But for others, those amongst the footballing fraternity where things haven’t quite panned out how they’d have liked over the first 4 months of the season, it’s a little less anticipated. Dreaded even. Especially […]

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Wombling 2023

Jeez, what it is it these days with changing years seemingly every 5 minutes? Christ, just as you get used to one they go and bloody change it for a new one. Bloody annoying if you ask me. Anyway, it seems we’re now lumbered with [checks notes] 2023 and apparently there’s no returns allowed, so […]

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No Other Distractions

Oi! Stop watching that Qatar World Cup cobblers. It’s immoral and stuff. Besides, we’ve got more than enough on here to keep you occupied for the duration and you don’t seriously think that the gathering of the world’s finest international teams to battle it out for global supremacy is in any way more entertaining that […]

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Orinoco Flow

It’s been a tough couple of weeks here in the Republic, as the U’s have found form, goals and fitness somewhat hard to come by lately. This has meant that our current run of form is up there with Matt Gray’s worst back in the early days of his tenure pre-Torquay and it’s such a […]

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Uncle Bulgaria’s Sweaty Codpiece

Cup action is back on down the lane as the Super U’s are lined up to face the former crazy gang bangers in the final group match of the Papa Pizza Hut John’s Trophy. We’ve had a bit of a wobble of late with a few results not going our way as well as a […]

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Mike’s Miserable Mound

It was written in the stars really. After the last couple of weeks of relaunching the Sutton podcast, appearing on Walsall FanTv and a very odd invite from someone claiming to be from Sky Sports – I was rather revelling in my newfound role of Sutton United’s newest media darling. Then I spotted the chance […]

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What’s the Story, Tobermory?

Never been a fan of the Wombles, and truth be told never likely to be. Snouty-nosed fuckers scabbing off the jobs of street cleaners and bin-men.  Getting themselves all busy in shit that doesn’t concern them. You can keep em mate. So, let me cast my mind back one last time to Plough Lane in […]

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Lectica Colligendis Rodentia

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017. The year everyone is hoping will be better than the Brexit tainted, Trump electing, famous person killing 12 months that preceeded it. Well, all except us here at HQ that is. Why? Well, because as far as we’re concerned, 2016 was a bloody cracker. Naturally, to understand this slightly […]

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I Always Thought Wimbledon was in Merton

What is all this two games in two day bollocks? How am I supposed to prepare for another season of blogging and drinking when I don’t have to time to collect my thoughts in the appropriate manner? Anyway never mind all that bollocks, I just want to take a couple of moments of your precious […]

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A Penny for your thoughts….

So it’s back to Juan to cover the third PSF so far. So this time, we are again at home to A.F.C Wimbledon, who sit some 30 places or so above us in the football pyramid. A local bus ride for Wimbledon today, all the way from the ground we love so much, Kingsmeadow. So […]

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