D4 Damage

Back once again, it’s the Pizza Cup Master! If that means absolutely nothing to you, then this may help. Boy are you are in for a treat!* Now, I am obviously well aware of many people’s reluctance to embrace this competition, and I do fully understand them; personally, I am not a fan of the […]

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Strong Oak

Well, hello you. Like that neighbour you invited in for a drink once who now seems to think it’s ok to pop round whenever they feel like it, I am getting my feet right under the table here at Gandermonium. After my last blog entry and the literally 1’s of comments, the clamour for a […]

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Mike’s Miserable Mound

It was written in the stars really. After the last couple of weeks of relaunching the Sutton podcast, appearing on Walsall FanTv and a very odd invite from someone claiming to be from Sky Sports – I was rather revelling in my newfound role of Sutton United’s newest media darling. Then I spotted the chance […]

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