D4 Damage

Back once again, it’s the Pizza Cup Master! If that means absolutely nothing to you, then this may help. Boy are you are in for a treat!* Now, I am obviously well aware of many people’s reluctance to embrace this competition, and I do fully understand them; personally, I am not a fan of the […]

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Double Header & Done

Aah, the old Pre Season Friendlies. The footballing equivalent of non-consequential foreplay where you get a bit hot and sweaty, go through the motions but never reach any sort of satisfactory climax.  Still, they are part of the calendar and it has fallen to me to slam them into the bin on behalf of the […]

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Walking Down to GGL

Welcome to our latest installment! And to begin with, yours truly has been playing a part in spreading the gospel to a new audience via my Twitter account, a bunch of guys who are fellow Panini sticker enthusiasts like me, so I would like to formally welcome then to the Gandermonium blog and hope you […]

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“Hug me, I need to vomit…”

Times they are changing. Well all those dreams have come true. The last 8 weeks down the lane, have seen some massive, massive improvements, both on and off the pitch. First off the off the pitch works have made a massive improvement to the ground, and the club. I myself keeping a close eye on […]

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A Swingers Party or a Sex Dungeon?

Chelsea, Chelsea! Chelsea, Chelsea! We’re going make it a blue day! Damn that song has plagued me since first hearing it in 1997. So to begin today’s blog we must go to the moment that I arrived home, and managed to get the end of the Head to Head on Pointless and what was the question? “Managers under […]

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A Blue Day

PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY Att: N/A SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Palmer] CHELSEA XI – 2  [Cole. Alexidze] Don’t you just bloody hate that?? Just as you’re halfway through trying to write up an entertaining (for a friendly anyway!) match report and Mr Gates finest piece of Word Processing software goes tits up and loses the fucking lot. […]

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Only 59 Days To The Start Of The Season

FRIENDLY MATCH  Att: NA SUTTON UNITED – 3     [Bolt. Haworth. Whitmarsh] CHELSEA XI – 3      [Parkin. Pitt 2] You know the saying that the break between the end and beginning of footy seasons is getting shorter all the time? Well… Actually this was more of a post-season friendly if we’re really […]

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