Hi-Ho Silver Lining

Welcome dear reader! It’s another welcome, yet brief break from our seemingly endless travels north this week as we follow up last weekend’s trundle up to Harrogate by beckoning title chasing Stevenage to the Republic into our hallowed footballing halls in what could be a good yardstick of just how much we’ve progressed since our […]

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Back on the Bike

Remember when you were a kid learning to ride a bike and when you fell off your folks would just tell you to brush yourself down and get back on and try again? Well, I always thought that was bollocks. That shit properly hurt and I’ve grazed my knee and both my elbows. I’d like […]

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Terrace Chant Lullabyes

Greetings dear reader! Welcome back once more to your favourite slice of what was once Non-League but is now somehow Football League cobblers. Have you missed us? What do you mean no? Sheesh. Talk about hurt our feelings. Anyhoo, we have returned, mainly thanks to the fact that Stevenage Borough can get a game on […]

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Strong Oak

Well, hello you. Like that neighbour you invited in for a drink once who now seems to think it’s ok to pop round whenever they feel like it, I am getting my feet right under the table here at Gandermonium. After my last blog entry and the literally 1’s of comments, the clamour for a […]

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Half Cut Gratin

Whilst everyone tries their very best to get back to normal and basically forget the Covidbollocks ever happened, last week’s postponement was a bitter reminder that the pesky lil’ virus is still lurking and looking to screw around with our pre-arranged leisure plans. Thankfully though, it was at least a fairly local game that got […]

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