I’m Free, Free Fallin’

It was hot. So damn hot. And were it not for a solitary tree to cover the 200 travelling supporters for most of the match, the day would’ve been a lot more uncomfortable than it turned out to be. And that’s how the team played on this balmy Monday afternoon. But there is one question […]

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On Quality Street

So here it is, Merry Christmas and everybody’s having fun! Well, unless you’ve had a gut full of enough grub to feed a small African village for a month topped off with the sort of quantity of gin required to euthanize an Elephant. Then you might have passed from the ‘having fun’ phase and be […]

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Discuss or Disgust?

Oh the August Bank Holiday weekend. A good old excuse for non-league football to squeeze in two games in close proximity. And after a goalless draw against ‘Flid’ plus a heavy Saturday night to follow, it was time to head down to the Wilds of Hampshire take on another phoenix of a former league team […]

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Three’s a Charm

Aah Aldershot!  Come on then, who thought when the fixture list came out last summer that it would all come crashing in like a whirlwind down Gander Green Lane for this final regulation game of yet another epic season for this football club of ours? Fuck off you did. Was always going to be a […]

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Bertie Smalls

The process by which the Gandermonium editorial board decides whose turn it is to trot this old pony out for your delectation is a well guarded state secret. Well, it was, until I decided that the time has come to lift the lid and shine a light into the more murky corners of our already […]

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7 Balls & a Beaver

How’s your luck, eh? Not for the first time this season (and probably not the last), our performance away from home doesn’t reflect in the result. And in a results-driven business these days, that’s all that matters. So with eleven games to go, Sutton were still a little short of the safety mark. Would a […]

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Castellas, Double Diamond & Donkey Jackets

Aldershot. A proper old fourth division side whose name will always remind me of James Alexander-Gordon reading out the scores on Sports Report back in the seventies on the Light Programme as my old man jacked up the heating in his Hillman Minx on the way back from GGL on a cold December Saturday tea-time. […]

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What Does the Fox Say?

And so another exit from the FA Cup. It is a shame that we didn’t make the mighty first round and its also a shame we didn’t play quite as good as we can. But unlike a defeat in the great Surrey Senior Cup, I cannot say that I was disappointed or disheartened. To be brutally […]

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Idi Amin & the Politburo

The old PSF’s have taken their toll on the central committee at Gandermonium as we drag our arses towards the start line for the coming season and as a result the call came through to Totter Towers and the challenge of doing up the Aldershot game was readily accepted. To be honest, I was delighted […]

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Ode to Fluffernutter

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – Maximus Decimus Meridius Never has something been said that speaks so much truth. But in the world of The Duke we need to slightly change the wording a bit:-  “What we do on a Saturday night echoes for the rest of the week” Because that is […]

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