Hankering for Halifax

What’s the best away trip in the National League? We each have our favourites, chosen through personal criteria. For me, some interesting local history, a ground within easy reach of the railway station and (most importantly) a good choice of real ale pubs are the key factors. The three ‘Ha’s (Hartlepool, Harrogate and Halifax) are […]

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Coronation Virus

With the usual reprobates that frequent this blog to detail their adventures watching the mighty Sutton stuck back in that leafy hamlet known as the PROWS, I have offered to guest for the midweek trip to what the TV reports suggest is the only part of the Calder Valley not under water, i.e. The Shay, […]

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Unprescribed Scribe

Over the weekend, I took my mind off all things related to the nether reaches of the National League table by delving into the old movie library here at HQ and re-visiting an old classic with a watch of Kevin Smith’s cult movie ‘Clerks’. This provided a bit of amusement to help lighten the soul […]

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Turtle Turnstile

WE’RE BACK! Well maybe a little. But if you were ever to bump into Magnum P.I. on your travels, you’d understand. WE’RE BACK! to Halifax. WE’RE BACK! to a supposedly cheap day on the drink. WE’RE BACK! To where some of us spent an overnight during the Beast of the East (Not to be confused […]

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Flat Batteries

Now, normally for these things we’d fill in this part with some sort of pre-amble bollocks that has a vague connection to what then follows. Well, sometimes at least. It’s mostly just rambling rubbish designed to pad the piece out and make us look like we’ve put some thought or genuine effort into it all. […]

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Love Sex Intelligence

A couple of weeks back, one of the Gandermonium crew found himself the proud owner of a new DVD he’d successfully bid on and won from a popular online auction webbsite. Fifteen quid he’d paid for this piece of physical media, which contained the whole 90 minutes of a Sutton United versus Dover game,  one […]

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Yakety Yak, Rossi’s Back!

There is only one thing I can really write for this blog. Ross Stearn, that is all! Wise men say……..no come on, I am a professional. It’s all part of being a Civil Servant! So on Thursday we saw the final qualifier for the World Cup and it’s a welcome back to Peru, completing the […]

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