The Walter Pigeon Club

Can you believe that this was going to be the tenth time that we have entertained the boys from Hemel? Oh yes my children, it was just a mere three and a half years ago that we arrived in Hertfordshire for an FA Cup tie that was to be the first time that our two […]

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Philosophical Lemmings

Now, I’d pre-prepared a little intro here which lead me into taking the piss out of Steve King and his departure from Whitehawk. Sadly, events at Hemel have surpassed this slightly so I’ve had to change it a touch to this, but we’ll get to all that in a little bit. Am I still going […]

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Can We NOT Play You Every Week?

Thank christ that’s over. If we don’t see Hemel sodding Hempstead FC ever again it’ll be too soon. Of course, it’s not really their fault, but those twonks at the our lovely governing body who’ve seen fit to give us them 3 years running in their poxy comps. And of course, with 2 of the […]

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Oxblood & Mustard

Now we don’t do this for the plaudits. Or money (Ha! If only!). No we do this writing about boozing and Non-League football for the sheer melonfarming love of it. And no awards or baubles or people blowing smoke up our arses is gonna change that in the slightest, oh no. Having said that though, […]

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Hemelite? Ain’t that a Beer?

Well where to start with this one then eh? First part of a double header against Hemel (today‚Äôs league game and then next Saturday in the F.A Cup up at theirs). Dukey needing a little bit of break from being a keyboard warrior and it was I who was slung to the forefront to bring […]

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The Consistently Inconsistent Referee

There are some people that would say that your football luck averages itself out over a season. They claim to some sort of Kismet or Fate that plays its hand over time. Well I don’t give two shits about all that bollocks and things never truly even up. You just have to roll with the punches […]

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Strange, No Match Tickets

Its now been thirteen weeks since Sutton have managed to string together something simple like two victories in a row. We’ve not had a lot of luck this season, but that is the wonder of football with all its trials and tribulations. So what about our trip to Hertfordshire and back? Well lets just say many […]

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Deja Groundhog Day Vu

When some Herbert sends you a message on a Friday morning asking if you’d fancy doing the match day blog think long and hard before you reply. If you don’t then you too may end up opening a bottle of brandy at 9am on a Sunday morning, staring at a blank sheet of paper and […]

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I’m sorry what was that? I didn’t quite get it? Our support is fuckin’ what? Well I have one word for y’all…..JUSTICE!!!!! Well here we have it, the replay of our FA Cup match against ’emel ’empstead which on Saturday ended in a 3-3 draw. I suppose really that it will be fair for me to comment on […]

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Euston, Euston, Euston…

So Friday evening, and the text message from the Editor In Chief was received. Get yourself to Euston for the meet, and tickets will be sorted from there! An early wake up call for myself, as I was staying at the Guvnors Gaff down in Thames Ditton. Now, the misses had mentioned that she had […]

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