Time Gentleman Please

It’s six o’clock on a Saturday morning. My dreams of a jelly wrestling competition in a paddling pool involving Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigourney Weaver are rudely interfered with by the Soviet nation anthem, “Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh” bellowing out at this ungodly hour for a weekend morning from my phone. I would’ve put the […]

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Tu Madre es un Puta!

Yes ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls. The rumours are true. We actually have a home league game for what feels like the first time in jeffing ages. Ok, so the last time we were at home was really only 3 weeks ago against Hemel in the cup, but that was one of just 2 […]

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6 large ones, Cervezas & Back to the Future 2

So it’s Sunday morning, cup of tea in hand, time to write up the FA Trophy VS Oxford City Blog. So me and Duke had previous discussions in the week as to whether this game would be called off due to the typical British climate this time of the year. However the game was on, […]

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