Netflix & Chill

Why am I doing this? No, I don’t mean a blog entry, although that too does generate some questions quite frankly, but I’m talking of course about going to Wrexham. Away. Midweek. With a team rock bottom of the Football League. And leaking goals at a greater rate than the Titanic’s hull permitted the Atlantic […]

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Roving Around Wrexham

Wrexham has always seemed a bit of an anomaly. The town is indisputably Welsh but is geographically much closer to the great English conurbations of Merseyside and Manchester than it is to Wales’s big population centres of Cardiff, Swansea and (if you must) Newport. If this has given Wrexhamites something of an identity problem, those […]

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He’s Big, He’s Geez, He’s fucking Lebanese!

Hello readers, and good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as applicable) and welcome to Robbo’s blog on the events – pre, during and after of the Wrexham game. The last working week of yours truly sees the draw for the Second Round of the FA Trophy, which if we’d beat Dagenham and Redbridge in the replay could have […]

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Wrexham Lager

We like Wrexham. Ok, it’s not nearby, costs a fair bit to get to and we’ve yet to experience anything but mild disappointment at best when it comes to the football, but it has one thing going for it. The beer’s really really cheap. Like stupidly cheap. As in “Fuck me I’ve not paid that […]

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Eighteen Hours or More

With the season burning down rapidly to the dog end of the Summer, we don’t mind admitting a few of us are looking froward to the break. This season has been testing for many reasons, mostly financial and alcoholic in our case admittedly, but still it’s been a tough 9 months for all concerned, not […]

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More Rabbit than Sainsbury’s

A week might be a long time in football, but four days is just as bad. After the bumming we received from Boring Wood on Tuesday night, it was our turn to take on the Wrexham. And they for once were actually riding high at the moment. Could this be the year they finally break […]

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Mickey & his Hattie Jacques

Another giant of the non-league game like ourselves who find their on-field activities overshadowed by the indiscretions of one of their former staffers. Just before Christmas I was in a bar on the Costa sipping a cold Mahou when I got talking to a local expat, as you do, and inevitably the subject matter turned […]

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Made from Whales

Being top of the league has been a bit of a fool’s errand recently with teams failing to remain at the summit for longer than the following game. Compare that to two years ago and you had just three teams at the top all season. Sutton were no exception as every time we had risen […]

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Scooby Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Are You Lost In The Fog Now…

It’s hard to believe that this time one whole year ago I was at pretty much my lowest point in my life, and I mean seriously low. A bout of taking amitriptyline for migraines brought about a serious side effect of anxiety and depression – I am not afraid to admit it. During the year […]

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Failed in Wales

The screaming sound of the alarm goes off, it reads 0530. I slowly rise up and look around aimlessly, and for a split second I think I’m late for yet another working day. For the third consecutive Saturday we are due to play away again. After the drubbing at Chester and the total fuck up […]

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