Don’t You Open that Trapdoor

With the lads recent decision to start playing better and actually winning games, like the true flaky so and so’s we are I thought that perhaps blogging the last three matches of the League 2 season might be worth my time given that we now had a small chance of staying up. I mean, it’s […]

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Hot Vimto

Jump on jump in, next ride! Barely have the cake withdrawals and hangovers subsided following the big quasiquincintennial shindig on Saturday (yes, we have learned a new very big clever word, so you can bet your bottom dollar we’re gonna make the most of it!) and we’re once more thrown into the League 2 mixer […]

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Going Viral

Over the last few years, despite the level of relative success the club has had, we’ve still managed to make ourseleves look a bit daft from time to time and given the age we now live in what with all the Bookfaces, the Twatters and Tok Tiks, these moments invariably wind up online with people […]

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A Child Called Tinsel

Season’s greeting kiddos! Did we all have a lovely post-Santa break in with the family? Oh wait, that’s presuming there’s family. Ah bollocks, we’ve made a right pigs ear of that right out of the gate haven’t we with a lazy assumption and not thinking of others again. That’s it, we’re done. As good as […]

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Modern Day Ponzi

Naturally, having lost to relegation strugglers Barrow at the weekend and everyone annoyingly else doing us a favour and losing, we travelled back home rueing what looked a big missed opportunity to not only take a huge step towards securing a play off spot, but also staying in the hunt for a sniff at that […]

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Stoned Love

One of the strange anomalies of Non-League football was that despite being surrounded by a myriad of clubs at a similar level in the South East is how infrequently we got to play many of them, mainly thanks to the old Isthmian\Southern League divide which always served to confuse the hell out of us. One […]

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