F*ck Off! We’re the The People’s Front of Judea!

Oh Hank Marvin, is wonderful, Oh Hank Marvin is wonderful! At last. I do not have to another blog on this poxy laptop! In fact I wasn’t meant to do another home blog altogether but because someone (No Names!, No Names!) failed in doing the lightest bit of manual grafting and could therefore not turn […]

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Another Ton Done Son!

Well here we are again on another Saturday night.  The day began with me having oversleep to the tune of half eight. I know, for someone that should have worked today it really was an embarrassment. But less of how I hate working for the inept sods at Kingston council and more of the rush […]

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Unusual Progress

FA TROPHY 2nd ROUND Att: 643 Salisbury City – 2   [Shepherd 57, Sales 83] Sutton United – 5   [Winston 8, Watson 33, Ekoku 68, Rowlands 86, Harlow 87] Apparently Salisbury has the most pubs per square mile in Britain. Woo hoo! My kinda city! A late start caused by Mr Chalmers oversleeping (again!) […]

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