What Does the Fox Say?

And so another exit from the FA Cup. It is a shame that we didn’t make the mighty first round and its also a shame we didn’t play quite as good as we can. But unlike a defeat in the great Surrey Senior Cup, I cannot say that I was disappointed or disheartened. To be brutally […]

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Can We NOT Play You Every Week?

Thank christ that’s over. If we don’t see Hemel sodding Hempstead FC ever again it’ll be too soon. Of course, it’s not really their fault, but those twonks at the our lovely governing body who’ve seen fit to give us them 3 years running in their poxy comps. And of course, with 2 of the […]

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Oxblood & Mustard

Now we don’t do this for the plaudits. Or money (Ha! If only!). No we do this writing about boozing and Non-League football for the sheer melonfarming love of it. And no awards or baubles or people blowing smoke up our arses is gonna change that in the slightest, oh no. Having said that though, […]

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Sod all at the end of the Rainbow

We’ve had a few bad days in the FA Cup over the years. Yeading away in the mid-80’s when arguably one of the best Sutton sides ever self destructed and lost 4-1 to a Spartan League side. Then in more recent memory, there’s the defeat to Alton Towers Town at GGL being amongst the worst. […]

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Ceausescu Wasn’t There

Finally, the magic that is the second most important cup (after the Surrey Senior!) to us has started for the season that will forever be known as 2014/15. I do love the cup competitions because you get a chance to not worry about the ups & downs of the league for a change and sometimes you get […]

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Just Wandering…..

What’s that I hear you mutter, no game? No bloody game. Oh and why is that, yeah Salisbury. What a farce, beyond words. So at the expensive of another club that get booted out of the league after the actual fixtures are released is beyond a joke. Today was of course the day that we […]

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Back When Everything Was In Black & White

25 Years. That’s a long time. A long long time. So long in fact that 25 years ago, I was only 15. Oh dear. That makes me old. Still, 15 year old me didn’t do too badly. Despite picking a crap non-league team for his footballing allegiance, he got to see them dish up one […]

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The Kiddy magical mystery tour

The whole Gandermonium staff were of course all present & correct in Kiddy for the cup tie yesterday, although not all of us were on the chuffer and stumbling into the pub at opening time. Newest member Totts chose to take the supporters coach up as it was cheap and allows normal saturday morning family […]

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