Six Added Minutes

Hello dear reader. Yes, we’re back with another of our rare little non-match related interludes, where we remind you that we can in fact read the written word and don’t simply enjoy publications containing mainly images, adult in orientation or otherwise. That’s right, it’s another Gandermonium book review. And this time it’s an even rarer […]

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Robin Friday – The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw

Many footballing superstars have graced the pitch at Sutton United down the years – far too many to mention here – but there’s one player who stepped out of the GGL tunnel as a kid back in May 1972 who really  should have gone on to become a household name. A lad by the name […]

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I Am The Gloryhunter

If there’s one thing us Non-Leaguers hate, it’s bloody gloryhunters. Be they armchair SKY TV twats who seem to wear a different replica shirt every couple of years and talk down to you because your games aren’t on telly or the annoying know nothing once in a blue moon mob who turn up on the […]

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This Love Is Not For Cowards

“It’s only a game!” Come on, if you’re a football fan of any standing you must have heard this phrase uttered at least once. Usually by a non-fan in response to you moaning about how shit your team were at the weekend. Or how being 12 points adrift of safety is leaving you clinically depressed. […]

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Red Card Roy

Right, let me tell you about me, Roy McDonough and Sutton United. Stick with this as you wouldn’t have got this review, or Totts addition to the Gandermonium roster of star writers, if it hadn’t been for being forced to haul the memory back fifteen years to try and back up an anecdote I was […]

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I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic

A couple of moths back, I finally caved and bought myself one of those not-so-new fangled Kindle wotsits. Now, previously I’d grumpily said I’d never bother as I preferred books and turning real paper pages, plus I never needed to have more than 1 book on me at a time, but then I had to […]

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Look, we’re going to persevere with this “Hey look at us, we can read! We’re dead clever and fings!” thing, so you may as well just pipe down and get used to it. Who knows, you might even learn something! Although the thought of us providing anything of educational value other than new swearwords, where’s […]

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