Six Added Minutes

Hello dear reader. Yes, we’re back with another of our rare little non-match related interludes, where we remind you that we can in fact read the written word and don’t simply enjoy publications containing mainly images, adult in orientation or otherwise. That’s right, it’s another Gandermonium book review. And this time it’s an even rarer […]

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The Wengerbus Is Coming!

After the glamour and non-stop length of the M1 excitement that was Guiseley away we thought we’d put our feet up this weekend, have a quiet one and play someone a bit more low key than a little town a few miles north of Leeds. Y’know. Someone like, I dunno, Premier League Arsenal? With that […]

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Bang, bang you shot me down….

So it’s back. And well didn’t that come around quick! Seems like only yesterday that the Season had finished. Say goodbye to your wives, girlfriends, families etc, it’s time to reunite with the beautiful non-league game, oh and of course re-unite with the beer! So time to ditch the other football related content for now, […]

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