Stats Don’t Lie

Bloody Football Association Challenge Cup shit. It can be a right curse as well as a saviour to many a teams fortunes. For Sutton on Saturday, it was a performance that never quite matched the result and will no doubt forever be remembered as the match that “had that keeper score in injury-time”. Yeah, you […]

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Another Viral Youtube Hit

When things aren’t going quite the way you’d hope on the pitch, it seems to serve as a magnet for all sorts of other misfortune and daft incidents to rear their ugly heads and plague you, the poor unsuspecting punter’s already fragile mental state. And we at Gander Green Lane are no different. Take last […]

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Pay the ‘Ricay!

Well well Ladies & Gents….. A double header from Juan! Yes readers of Gandermonium Juan is back to cover our next home fixture V.s Billericay! Now being that neither myself or Duke are massive fans of Essex, or for that matter Essex sides we flipped this one on the turn of the coin…and well I […]

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Back To Square One

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 449 SUTTON UNITED – 1    [Quinton 28] BILLERICAY TOWN – 1    [Hockton 55] Way back in October, we made the trip to Essex looking for a vital win against a side also struggling for results. That night, Matt Fowlers goal gave us the 3 vital points we needed. And […]

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Manly Handshake

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 206 BILLERICAY TOWN – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 1    [Fowler 12] With the side performing slightly less spectacularly than a troupe of ill-trained gibbons recently, tonights trip to bottom club Billericay isn’t exactly our idea of fun. A win is desperately needed, not only to reverse our awful recent record, […]

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‘Ricay At The Double

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 537 SUTTON UNITED – 1   [Bailey 84] BILLERICAY TOWN – 2  [Anson 36. Douglas 70] The boys returned to action after the disappointing Trophy exit of last week, with another home game, ironically against the side Havant had put out in the previous round, Billericay. Wandering into the Hood just […]

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Wakey Wakey!

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 559 BILLERICAY TOWN – 2   [Essandoh 3. Graham 5] SUTTON UNITED – 0 You’re a Ryman League manager. Your mainly young team has made a promising start to the season and you’re looking to improve the side. What do you do? You replace the excellent 21 year old goalkeeper with […]

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Not So Rosy For ‘Ricay

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 570 SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Wingfield 16. Haworth p41] BILLERICAY TOWN – 2  [Woolsey 11. Opinel 59] After last weeks annihilation of Harrow, this game was always going to be a bit tougher. Billericay were one of the few sides to impress your incredibly cynical author this season. Their brand of […]

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Could Be Worse…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 627 BILLERICAY TOWN – 2  [Opara 44. Moore 76] SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Haworth 89] Engaged in a pre-season conversation with a supporter of another fine Ryman Premier division team, I was asked the obvious question “How d’you reckon the U’s will do this year?”. “Well” I answered honestly “after last […]

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