The Referee’s a Wan… – One From the Archives

Happy Coventry Day one and all! Unless of course you hail from the aforementioned City in the Midlands. In which case, you’ll probably be having a bit of a sad frowny face on, especially if you’ve stumbled across our twitter account today. Now, we didn’t do an archive report at the weekend for several reasons […]

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Cones, Beer, Trollies & Crap Football – One from the archives

Well, this is fun. We start the site up just in time for some typically seasonal weather to leave us sat twiddling our thumbs without any football to talk cack about. The pitch inspection at Maidenhead this evening……probably. So, there’s nothing else for it. I’ll have to break out one of the myriad of old […]

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Flattery Gets U’s Nowhere

NATIONWIDE SOUTH Att : 668 SUTTON UNITED – 0 WEYMOUTH – 3   [Wilkinson 41. Clarke 43. Nade 68] Way way back in the mists of time (well, the end of October to be precise) we made our customary drunken weekend visit to the seaside town of Weymouth. Then, what seems a lifetime ago, Sutton […]

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Disappointing Official

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 1140 WEYMOUTH – 1    [Phillips 69.] SUTTON UNITED – 1     [Fear 9.] Way back in July when the fixtures were announced, we naturally looked for all the seasidey trips first. Imagine our delight when we discovered one of our favourites, Weymouth was scheduled for a Saturday. Ok, so it’s […]

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Absolutely Bloody Terra-ble

FA TROPHY 1st ROUND Att: 704 WEYMOUTH – 2  [Unknown 30.44] SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Boothe 70] Another trip to the seaside for us pissheads to enjoy. Whoopee!  Weymouth, the scene of the infamous trolley/cone/ local plod encounter 2 years ago. Oh and beer. Lots and lots of beer. Like last time we decided to […]

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Cones, Trolleys, Beer & Crap Football

FA TROPHY 3rd ROUND Att:  Weymouth – 1    [West 55] Sutton United – 0 Yawn. Another trip to the South West results in our Wembley dreams ending for another season thanks to a less than memorable game with the U’s on the wrong end of the scoreline despite having had their fair share of […]

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