6 Goals, 4 Pints & Chips

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 302 AYLESBURY UNITED – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 6    [Fowler Nurse 81] Aylesbury’s recent history certainly couldn’t be classified as boring. Even before the ‘title’ season in 1998 when they famously sacked their manager in the run in when about 10pts clear, helping our good selves to ultimately overhaul […]

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Crispy Duck

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 421 AYLESBURY UNITED – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 4   [Bolt 6.76. Fowler 22. Bailey 60] Sutton racked up a third straight league win and second birdie bashing within 7 days with a 4-0 cruise against a rather poor Aylesbury side who it appears may have had their minds on their […]

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We Only Need 10 Men…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 2200 Aylesbury United – 1     [Rutherford 59] Sutton United – 4     [Akrour 11, 76, 84. OG 25] See that? Yes that bright shining light. There, just on the horizon. What is it?? Oh wait, it’s the sun reflecting of the championship shield, that’s what it is!! Sweet. […]

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