RYMAN LEAGUE CUP 3rd ROUND Att: 275 SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Gray 76p. Nurse 86] DUNSTABLE TOWN – 3    [Christie 6. Spring 20. Hayes 27] “Don’t Miss It!” is the wonderful slogan dreamed up by the incredibly creative marking people at double glazing firm Bryco to go with their sponsorship of the Isthmian […]

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Getting Bizzie…

RYMAN LEAGUE CUP 2nd ROUND Att: 168 SUTTON UNITED – 2   [Fowler 17. Bailey 84] METROPOLITAN POLICE – 0 After Saturdays somewhat ‘interesting’ visit to Northwood, we’re back to the real nitty gritty. The big one. The Bryco Cup! (Don’t miss it!). You know, that great competition which involved 2 trips to Chesham following […]

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Sutton Duck Out…

BRYCO CUP 3rd ROUND Att: 206 AYLESBURY UNITED – 3 [Manuella 45. Ibe 57. Maskell 70] SUTTON UNITED – 2 [Watson 6. Bailey 90] Having finally overcome Chesham in the last round, we ended up back in the same part of the country for this *cough* long awaited league cup 3rd round tie. Bit of […]

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Chesham’s Matt Finish

BRYCO CUP 2nd ROUND REPLAY Att: 71 CHESHAM UNITED – 2 [Matata 46. Fontonelle 109] SUTTON UNITED – 3 [Fowler 55. Corbett 108. Gray 112] Match Reporter: Bob After the ‘burgled’ and ‘bungled’ first attempt to play this fixture and with the hierarchy’s gutless decision to do anything about it, the result is another long […]

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We Wuz Robbed. Literally!

BRYCO CUP 2nd ROUND Att: N/A CHESHAM UNITED – 2 [Kandol 35.37] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Match Abandoned @ HT due to Dressing Room Break In! Just how do you describe this one? A relatively mundane Bryco cup tie turned out to be anything but mundane last night at Chesham, with the match abandoned during […]

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Unlucky Seven

RYMAN LEAGUE CUP 3rd ROUND Att: 203 SUTTON UNITED – 1 [Haworth 41] GRAYS ATHLETIC – 7 [Thomas 18.58.63. Cooper 47.51. Fletcher 57. Morgan 76] Yes, yes, you read it right. 7-1. So with that, I think we can safely say our involvement in this year’s Ryman League Cup is probably at an end…. Now, […]

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Less Than Fifty

RYMAN LEAGUE CUP 2nd ROUND Att: 46 THAME UNITED – 1 [Too Foggy to see! 66] SUTTON UNITED – 3 [Gray 18. Mison 82. Haworth 89] Picture the scene. The year is 2069 and 95 year old Dan Taylor, trillionaire playboy, shagger of supermodels and El Presidente numero uno owner/manager of 5 time AdidasJiffyCondomsNike Global […]

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The Chumpions League

RYMAN LEAGUE CUP 1st ROUND  Att: 205 SUTTON UNITED – 5 [Haworth 43.119. Palmer 49. Gonsalves 54. Akuamouah 96] DULWICH HAMLET – 3 [Richards 20. Perkins 53. Allen 78] AFTER EXTRA TIME The Ryman League cup. Not exactly the Champions League is it? No awful operatic ‘anthem’ played at ear shattering volume when the teams […]

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Casual? That’s One Word For It…

RYMAN LEAGUE CUP 1st ROUND Att: 166 CORINTHIAN CASUALS – 1  [Watney 70] SUTTON UNITED – 0 Another word you could use would be “Shite”. Most likely preceded by “A complete load of fucking gutless…” What could be better to boost the flagging confidence of your currently underachieving footy team than a mickey mouse cup […]

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Basingrad Cruise

Isthmian League Cup 3rd Rd Att : 178 Sutton United – 2  [M.Watson 62],  [S.Watson 75] Basingstoke Town – 0 Sorry if this report is a bit vague/inaccurate, but I wasn’t going to bother writing one, but I changed my mind. A week later! So, er…. At last!!! Another of our looooong delayed midweek cup […]

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