Highs & Lows

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 524 SUTTON UNITED – 0 GRAYS ATHLETIC – 6  [Martin 7.15.85. Griffiths 47. Brennan 56. West 59.] Funny how much difference a week can make eh? Last saturday, another cracking weekend away on the piss, with a vital 3 points at Havant.  This saturday, a shambolic home performance and a complete hammering […]

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Fat Man On A Balcony

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 358 GRAYS ATHLETIC – 5  [Cole 20. Carthy 44. Thurgood p70. Griffiths 85.88.] SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Watkins 24.] Having faced 2 Essex sides at home in consecutive Saturdays and got sod all from either game, you can probably guess at our attitude to this trip into our (least) favourite county. Grays […]

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The Hangover…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 409 GRAYS ATHELTIC – 3     [Thurgood p17. Youds 45. Williams 84] SUTTON UNITED – 2    [Quinton 3. Akuamouah 55] Still grinning like idiots after the small matter of giving the Scummers a right bloody good hiding on Saturday, we made the short trip round the M25 to Grays […]

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Full Time What?

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 489 SUTTON UNITED – 1    [Bolt 57p] GRAYS ATHLETIC – 0 After the close run thing of Tuesday night, the visit of Grays, who had become the first side in Non-League outside the Conference to declare themselves full-time, was never going to be easy. Another bloody nightmare getting into Sutton […]

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What’s A Clean Sheet Again?

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 329 GRAYS ATHLETIC – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 0 Hang on hang on. Lets just take a second here so I can get this straight. We’ve played 2 games so far, got 4 points AND kept 2 clean sheets?? Really?? Fuck me! If anyone can come up with a credible explanation […]

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Slay The Dragon

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 440 SUTTON UNITED – 2  [Gray 70. Mison 84] GRAYS ATHLETIC – 2  [Abraham 89. Fiddes 90] Match Reporter: Chalmers Happy St George’s Day! How many people in this country actually celebrate it? (I’ll be honest, I didn’t know a lot about old George before The Sun done a piece on […]

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It’s Essex Time…

RYMAN PREMIER DIVISION Att: 206 GRAYS ATHLETIC – 3  [Abraham 24. Fiddes 29. Cooper 43] SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Haworth 37. Palmer 66. Murray 74] Let me tell you, a trip to Grays is not one of the favoured awaydays of the Sutton faithful. No offence and all that, but as I’ve said before, it’s […]

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