A little shuffle of the deck…

Well, there have been some recent changes to personal in the last few weeks, days ,hours minutes. For those locked down to the official site and forum will have seen the updates! So over the last few weeks we first released Dean McDonald, shortly followed by our skipper and then Rivs, shortly followed by Sam […]

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Revolving Door – Player News.

Some of you may have read from the official website (following the Tonbridge game) that Moses has been released to find 1st team football, which I guess is fair enough. A player of his age and ability wouldn’t want to be sitting on the bench week in week out. So with the departure of Moses, we […]

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Love the game, will travel! Player News….

With the 2013/2014 season, about to kick off in less than 24 hours, time to make a few last minute changes. An official announcement was made earlier today on the Club’s website with regards to some movement on the player front, so here we are a brief summary of the new signing, who joined the […]

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Joseph & Moses. You couldn’t make it up. Could you?

Evening sports fans, a little up date for all you readers, fans, and pro-longed life members of The Sutton Firm. Well, for those of you that have visited the Lane in the last week or so, have come to witness the first two Pre-Season Friendly games. The first against an Arsenal XI and the 2nd against […]

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Player news, numero dos…

I know, I know it’s a little late in the day to be updating with news that hit the official site over a week ago, but that’s just how we roll! Better late than never though. So here we are again,  Dos has continued to pull in some further BIG names into the squad for […]

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May I have your attention please….Player News!

So after last nights defeat in the SSC. I thought you would all need to have those smiles put back on your faces 🙂 , so what better way to bring back those grins, by turning those frowns upside down, by bringing you a little bit of player news/updates. So we have been putting ourselves […]

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The Future’s Bright…The Future’s…Doswell…

Well, ladies and gents, after the recent upset caused by some fans on the Amber planet forum following Saturdays game Vs Farnborough, and United’s impressive win on Tuesday night at Billericay (See Duke’s impressive update on Gandermonium here ) An important announcement was made by the Gaffer in the post match Managers Column. Along the […]

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