The Coach That Came in from the Cold

A later start on Saturday morning for the fans travelling via the Coaches put on by the Board for the trip down to Dorchester. Myself being somewhat of an eager beaver when it comes to Saturday mornings, my internal alarm clock decided to wake me up at the crack of dawn. Which wasn’t such a […]

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Magpie Malarkey – One from the Archives

Rain, blah blah, match postponed, blah blah, wish we’d played more games SeptemberOctober time blah blah, 3G pitches aren’t the future yadda yadda, fixture pile ups bollocks bollocks. Yes ladies & gents, it’s winter time here in the United Kingdom and everywhere people in the world of Non-League football are looking to the sky and […]

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A Whole Year of Talking Bollocks!

Fuck Really? And to the tune of Pet Shop Boys 1992 hit “Go West” One year, we’re having a fit. One year, we’re still talking shit. One year, and you’ll find us near. One year, on the fuckin’ beer! Well who would’ve thought, one year ago to the day that Gandermonium was resurrected in its current form and begun […]

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Have You Let Jesus Into Your Life?

Well there goes another dirty weekend in Dorset. The day started with me waking up around 0645 (so only a hour to get up and ready so I could get that train), it was still dark outside but I knew I had to meet the firm early doors. But only after my phone decided to give me the old gee […]

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Harry’s Mules

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 439 DORCHESTER TOWN – 0 SUTTON UNITED – 0 So, this is it then. The biggie. A massive 6 pointer down in Dorset, that should we win, could go a long way towards us perhaps doing the previously unthinkable and maybe saving our worthless hides from the drop. Oh and there’s the […]

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Magpies Flutter Off With All 3…

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 434 SUTTON UNITED – 1  [McBean 23] DORCHESTER TOWN – 3    [Docker 6. Henry (13. 90] Another Saturday, another game. To be honest, this Blue Square malarkey ain’t much different to that old Conference South stuff really. We’re not doing very well, can’t defend for toffee and look in for another […]

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Magpie Murder

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att : 543 DORCHESTER TOWN – 0  SUTTON UNITED – 5    [Douglas 45. Mackie 71. Akuamouah 77. Gray p79.82] Game number five of the season and at last we get a decent day out!  Sadly, unlike last year, some idiot decided Dorchester should be on a bank holiday Monday thus ruining a […]

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Mags Mugged

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 466 SUTTON UNITED – 3  [Gray p32. Akuamouah 70. Watkins 73.] DORCHESTER TOWN – 2   [Keeler 42.46.] It’s nearly Christmas and that of course means it’s time for company christmas parties to appear on the scene. Problem is, mine was the night before this particular clash and inevitably involved somewhat large […]

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Magpie Malarkey

CONFERENCE SOUTH Att: 556 DORCHESTER TOWN – 2    [Groves 35. Ugarte 39.] SUTTON UNITED – 2    [Watkins 76. Akuamouah 83.] Ah! At last. A proper seaside trip! The week before was a little hectic for the crew as a mini-bus was located and B&B’s were sorted. But for a change, yours truly wasn’t […]

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