Tennis Elbow

Before we get onto Dover let’s take a step back and consider what a great start we’ve had to this season under the guidance of Matt Gray, his top team and the revitalised and younger squad of players that he has assembled. I wasn’t one of those weeping and wailing at events that shaped the […]

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Where’s the Pie?

So that’s it once again for another season of football for our dear old Sutton United. This has been another one of those campaigns where we’ve had some great highs and yet again, some shit lows that come with our adventures. And of course, it ends on a limp whimper. But now it’s time to […]

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Cannibalism or Herbalism

So, lets start with the positive and recap on the previous and what a great win/performance Saturday was against Wrexham! Thankfully yours truly missed the Boreham Wood fixture (less said about that, the better!), which happened to be the first home league game I’d missed since December 2015. Wrexham however was possibly the best performance […]

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The Wrong End Of Town

Having slipped out of the Trophy in a muddy field in the arse end of Northamptonshire last weekend, we’ve mostly spent this week mumbling about ‘Concentrating on the league’ and consoling ourselves that a day out at Wembley is hugely overrated anyway as it’s a shit soulless bowl and we’d hate being surrounded by loads […]

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Spoons Carpet

“Sutton for good mutton, Cheam for juicy beef…. “Croydon for a pretty girl and Mitcham for a thief.” I love a bit of local history me and this playground rhyme is thought to date back to the 1800’s when our beloved Gander Green Lane was just that, a farm track populated mainly by geese and […]

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There’ll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover

To begin my blog I would like to say how saddened I was at the departure of Ross Stearn or in my case Rossi.  As loyal readers will know and gather Rossi was my favourite player; even more hard hitting than the departure of Harry Beautyman.  I would like to go on record to thank […]

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The Fotze, The Fica & The Fitta

The second midweek away trip of the season is now upon us as we have a little cruise to Kent to contend with. This obviously means that it’s a quick in and out job like you get with the neighbour’s wife. And as most people know, we’ve to make this trip without the recently departed […]

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For fuck sake, I can’t fuckin’ believe it. Wasn’t that just a fuckin’ kick in the teeth or what? I feel as depressed as going on a tandem on holiday in Centre Parcs. After 24hrs since our season came to a bitterly disappointing end, I still feel absolutely gobsmacked! With what had started as a small dream soon became a […]

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Rockin all Dover the World

Time check: 1655, in a mad panic I rush down the office stairs and head into the gents to change from my work clobber into my football wear for tonight’s game. With time not on my side, I coat myself in the poor mans quick shower spray, a.k.a Lynx Deodrant, grab my gear and hit […]

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Ferry Nice!

Eh? Whassat? We’re playing games again? Godammit! Just as we’re getting used to doing other stuff with our unexpected time off recently, we’re now having to put all those interesting grown up things to one side again until May and go back to watching Non-League football and getting boozed.  Oh if we really must…. Yes […]

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