Double Vera and Tonic Please

“There’ll be bluebirds over, The white cliffs of Dover” And I always thought that the bluebird was not indigenous to our fair young island? But who am I to disagree with a singer that is now synonymous with a cigarette paper used for roll-ups, or is that a drink made from Juniper Berries I wonder? Fuck knows. Anyway […]

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Ben Dover Productions Presents…

Good evening sports fans! Well it finally had to happen and it did. I actually went back to work (well for the one day anyway!). And in order to recover from that trauma, I of course needed some more time off, so of course a quiet trip to Dover was in order to get some seaside air […]

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Dover & Out

FA TROPHY 3rd QUALIFYING ROUND REPLAY ATTENDANCE : 314 SUTTON UNITED – 1  [Henry 57] DOVER ATHLETIC – 0 So, has anyone checked yet? Does two consecutive draws away from home amount to a run of ‘form’?? In fact, who gives a toss. When you’ve lost 9 straight previously, it bloody well does in our […]

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You Don’t Sound Canadian!

FA TROPHY 3rd QUALIFYING ROUND |  ATTENDANCE : 721 DOVER ATHLETIC – 1   [Cloke 60]  SUTTON UNITED – 1    [McBean 30] Thanks for the nice easy draw guys. Appreciate it. Oh wait, you actually gave us a team pissing their division and on a run of 8 or 9 straight wins didn’t you? Tossers. […]

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Ross Is Back. Sadly.

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE Att: 601 SUTTON UNITED – 0           DOVER ATHLETIC – 1   [OG 59] Let me explain. You may remember from the K’s Away report my little tirade about the official that day. Mr Joe Ross of Chingford. If I may qoute from that report to sum up my […]

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Got To Start Somewhere…

NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE  |  Att: 1056 Dover Athletic – 1   [Some Geezer 75]  Sutton United – 1   [Winston 79] So it’s off to the South coast we go after our footballing lesson dealt out by Rushden just 48 hours earlier on Saturday. Despite the now officially declared ‘crappy start to the season’, our away support […]

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