It’s a Massacre! – 10th Anniversary Special

Well, we trust you’re all stuffed to the gills after a nice Christmas Day yesterday and are now sat resplendent in those socks and rubbish sweater you got instead of the PS4 you were secretly hoping you’d get. Well, whilst we can’t help with state of the art gaming consoles, we do have a little […]

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Tony Daley’s Gay?

Well, what a shit week that was eh? A rather lame exit from the County Cup, the loss of a well liked member of staff thanks to off the field events caused by utter weapons and then very recent ex-U Michael Boateng being nicked and subsequently charged as part of the match fixing enquiry launched […]

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No Tresspassing!

I sense a pattern forming here. Last day of last season and I get lumbered with doing the report away to Bath as our regulars Dukey & Juan were all ‘worn out’ from a 9 game run in April. Tonight, we’re again away to Bath and with Dukey driving (and thus being utterly sober) and […]

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I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic

A couple of moths back, I finally caved and bought myself one of those not-so-new fangled Kindle wotsits. Now, previously I’d grumpily said I’d never bother as I preferred books and turning real paper pages, plus I never needed to have more than 1 book on me at a time, but then I had to […]

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Wheretoisthat? – One from the archives

So, it’s October and we’re already back to rummaging around in the basement through all our old files looking for some filler to keep you our dear readers happy following a postponement. Marvellous. Still, it could be worse, you could have been me (horrible thought I know, but bear with me) today and found out […]

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Look, we’re going to persevere with this “Hey look at us, we can read! We’re dead clever and fings!” thing, so you may as well just pipe down and get used to it. Who knows, you might even learn something! Although the thought of us providing anything of educational value other than new swearwords, where’s […]

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No Ferrets Allowed! – Football Abroad

“Get the fuck out of London, you dumb fucks. Get to Bruges”. I didn’t even know where Bruges fucking was. For a while I’ve been trying to persuade the crew that taking in a game on foreign shores would be a great excuse to get away, have a few beers and take in some strange […]

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The Road to Schiphol – Football Abroad

Thursday 24th June 2004. England v Portugal in the European Championships quarter-final and the Three Lions latest predictable failure on penalties in a major international competition. Where were you for it? Some were actually there. Some may even claim they were (why?). Most no doubt watched it on TV. And if you’re one of those, you’re […]

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